Tori Spelling joins forces with the Wunderkeks bakery

Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling. Photo Courtesy of Wunderkeks

Acclaimed actress Tori Spelling has partnered with Wunderkeks bakery. True Hollywood Talk’s Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

She teamed up with Wunderkeks, which is building “safe spaces.” These safe spaces nurture the creativity, joy, and self-expression of anyone who comes in contact with it.

Spelling is best known for playing Donna Martin in the iconic 90s primetime drama “Beverly Hills, 90210,” which ran for ten seasons on Fox during the 90s. She’s also appeared in cult classics such as Troop Beverly Hills and Mother, May I Sleep with Danger, as well as several reality shows depicting her life as a mom and a wife, including the upcoming @Home with Tori in which Hans and Luis (will make an appearance by the way) and co-host Messyness on MTV.

Spelling reached out to Wunderkeks after she saw an Instagram post by her 90210 co-star Jenni Garth, who had gotten the cookies as a gift. “I was obsessed,” she said. Hans and Luis, Wunderkeks’ co-founders, have been big fans since they were kids and had to shoot their shots.

Turns out, Tori is as sweet and warm as she seems, and after a box of cookies helped her family through a COVID outbreak in December, they became fast Instagram friends. It was a very organic collaboration that made sense to both Tori’s and Wunderkeks’ stories, so they got to work on bringing Tori’s vision to reality.

Late in April, they had landed on an idea, so Schrei and Gramajo traveled to Los Angeles for a fun day of baking with the whole family. They called the resulting treat “The Safe Space Brownie.”

“When I got your cookies, just the bright pink box… it’s like a mood elevator from beginning to end in a really good way. We’re a big family so we get boxes delivered all the time, this one…]It was such a happy feeling and I just saw all their faces light
up… which made me happy! And we hadn’t even tasted the cookies yet! Then we did, and they were next level.

Spelling remarked, “I love everything you stand for and I want my kids to grow up knowing the message you’re putting out there.”

Growing up as Hollywood royalty (she’s the daughter of the legendary tv producer, the late Aaron Spelling), Tori sometimes had a hard time finding her own place in the world. Once she became an actress, she felt embraced by the gay community, who saw her as a bit of a misfit, a feeling most gay men, particularly in the early 90s could relate to.

“Everyone has always asked: Why do you feel so embraced by the queer community? That’s my family! […] While I grew up in the bright big world of Hollywood, I never felt… it was my dad’s world, this wealthy world, and I was like… where do I fit in? So, as soon as I became an actress, they were all accepting of me,” Spelling elaborated.

While the word “ally” in this context wasn’t part of the national conversation at this time, her empathy for the plight of members of the queer community made her see the world as a place that needed her to stand up for her beliefs and for other’s rights, at a time where that could easily backfire.

To learn more about Wunderkeks, check out her official website.


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