Zouk Group Redefines Vegas Nightlife With Its 2024 Residency Lineup

Zouk Group
Photo Courtesy of Resorts World Las Vegas

Located in the heart of Las Vegas, Zouk Nightclub and AYU Dayclub epitomize luxury and excitement on the iconic Strip. Since its grand opening in June 2021, these premier party destinations have captured the imagination of partygoers worldwide with their exceptional ambiance and top-tier entertainment. From thumping beats at Zouk Nightclub to sun-drenched poolside festivities at AYU Dayclub, both venues provide unparalleled immersive experiences under Sin City’s neon lights. Their 2024 residency lineup speaks for itself and promises an intoxicating year ahead for music enthusiasts and partygoers alike. 

Returning Resident Artists & New Additions to the Lineup

Zouk Group remains the go-to home for a stellar lineup of returning artists like Kaskade, deadmau5, and DJ Snake. Their presence is a nod to tradition and a cornerstone of their success at Zouk and AYU. But the excitement doesn’t stop there. There is a wave of fresh talent as Zouk Group unveils its latest signings for 2024. From the soaring melodies of Illenium and ODESZA to the infectious beats of MEDUZA and James Hype, Zouk Group is raising the bar with names that resonate at the top of the electronic music echelon. 

Zouk Group is diversifying its musical offerings by welcoming T-Pain and bringing back Ludacris, complimenting a lineup of one-off events featuring today’s hottest pop and hip-hop sensations. With a steadfast commitment to diversity, Zouk offers something for everyone at Resorts World Las Vegas

“Anyone who has ever experienced the level of production we have at Zouk will know it’s second to none in the city,” Zouk’s Director of Entertainment, Kalika Moquin says. “Giving world-renowned talent who play the biggest festivals around the globe comparable production levels makes us the perfect partners for these acts!”

Pushing the boundaries of live entertainment, artists like Illenium are renowned for integrating state-of-the-art technology into their performances. At Zouk, their commitment, to top-tier production is unmatched and sets the standard in Las Vegas and the nation. Collaborating closely with each artist, their dedicated production team crafts curated visuals tailored to the Vegas experience. Every detail is meticulously planned to elevate the show, from stage designs to interactive setups like deadmau5’s iconic cube.

Special Events & Collaborations

Zouk Nightclub has joined forces with UFC dynamo Sean O’Malley, nominating him as the resident ambassador for 2024. Known for his mastery in the Octagon, Suga Sean O’Malley perfectly embodies Zouk’s status as the ultimate entertainment hotspot and adds an extra punch to their lineup. 

“Our partnership with Sean ranges from hosting official UFC after-parties at Zouk & Ayu to watching party activations at Redtail and meet-and-greet opportunities at the property,” Kalika says. “Guests can see Sean from a unique perspective beyond his appearances in the UFC Octagon .”

At Redtail, the dynamic sports bar neighboring Zouk, fight nights come alive with live streaming of UFC matches. After the final bell, the action shifts to Zouk for the ultimate after-party experience. Renowned for hosting some of the city’s most electrifying events, Zouk  

“We strive to be strategic with these, pairing the suitable DJs and acts and the fighters to make it an unforgettable guest experience,” Kalika says. “Fight nights in Vegas are electric, and we want to uphold that same energy in our venues, making Resorts World Las Vegas the place to party in Sin City on fight weekends.”

At Zouk Group, guest service is paramount. Whether on the dance floor or at a VIP table, expect nothing less than VIP treatment from the moment you enter their doors. At AYU, their pool club oasis, relaxation, and luxury go hand in hand, complemented by the beats of world-class DJs. With a constant commitment to diversity, they guarantee there’s something for every music lover, and have some special concepts coming soon!

“In addition to our A-list residents, we have some great Thursday night talent, from established to up-and-coming acts to our resident open-format DJs who are the best in the city, plus top industry parties,” Kalika says. “We also have an exciting and diverse lineup we are rolling out for Sundays at AYU beginning in May, which we cannot wait to share!”

Zouk Group’s 2024 residency lineup signals a seismic shift in the entertainment scene of Las Vegas, with a star-studded roster geared to redefine nightlife on the Strip. From iconic returning artists to exciting new additions, Zouk promises a thrilling year ahead that blends cutting-edge technology, diverse musical genres, and exceptional guest experiences. For more information and updates on their concepts, visit their website here.