5 Reasons Why Blake Hawkins is Ahead in the Real Estate Game


Business rivalry is fierce, particularly in competitive real estate markets, and when client spending drops, agents must follow specific business execution patterns. Various factors can give one a competitive advantage in the real estate sector. However, this article will focus on Blake Hawkins, one of the most successful individuals in this field. It is vital to distinguish oneself from competitors and reveal to potential clients that you are the best agent for the job. You can do a few critical things to maintain success even in a crowded field. 

  • Understanding the competition

Knowing and comprehending who the competitors are and what they provide can help one differentiate services and marketing strategies. It will allow real estate owners to set competitive prices and respond effectively to rival marketing campaigns with their initiatives. If you still need to, find out who your competition is. What do they have to offer? What do you think their strengths and limitations are? This knowledge will reveal where you need to compete and provide a foundation for differentiating your company.

  • Understanding the customers

Every successful real estate business revolves around knowing and comprehending the demands of its customers. Once a real estate owner has this information, they can persuade prospects and current clients that engaging with the real estate company is in their best interests. Customer expectations are rapidly shifting. One must determine what is important to their clients, including prices, reliability, or flexibility. 

  • Targeting new markets

Target marketing can provide a strategic yet adaptable plan for the future. When life and business become hectic, consistency becomes more difficult, new prospecting occurs less frequently, and marketing becomes a low priority. It would be best if one had a strategy they could implement to benefit them in the long run. Target marketing is one approach to positioning yourself as a caring, professional agent. Target marketing establishes you as a reliable, knowledgeable agent. Consistency is essential in marketing. Target marketing fosters consistency, which results in long-term success.

  • Expanding offers and services

The most important advantage of expanding a real estate business is the capacity to provide a wide range of services. It allows one to diversify their cash flow, implying that a real estate owner is not solely reliant on selling one core commodity or type of building. Selling in other areas may allow one to broaden the consumer base and spread the risks.

  • Understanding your coworkers and employees

Skilled and motivated workers are the basis of thriving and expanding organizations. Attracting them entails more than just offering a competitive salary. People are frequently more pleased by a positive work environment and benefits such as flexible working hours and planned career development.


These things keep Blake Hawkins one step ahead of his competitors in the real estate industry. Businesses that plan for expansion fare better than those that do not. Keep up with industry advancements, consumer trends, and new technological investments. Many real estate agents frequently need to pay more attention to some of the habits mentioned above, resulting in their collapse.