How Lifestyle & Media Personality Barbara Majeski Inspires Others To Chase Their Dreams


Every person is born with a dream that they constantly strive to fulfill. Some individuals are fortunate to quickly function to succeed and their subsequent dream life. Nevertheless, it may be a long journey for others, and you need to work hard and continue to be resistant. Barbara Majeski is a timeless instance of one such individual, and she is currently living to motivate others to realize their dreams.

Barbara is a nationally identified television character and a lifestyle expert with regular features on the TODAY Show, Inside Edition, Good Day New York, NY live, Chicago The Jam, and Houston Daily, to detail a couple. Her once-a-week appearances have actually garnered her faithful followers across the country and also abroad. Prominent as the “Manager of the Good Life,” Barbara discovers and also shares methods to live her life to the maximum.

The single mom of 3 has an inspiring tale, from fighting phase three colon cancer as well as getting over a divorce to finding a way to pursue her dreams all being over the age of 40. All this happened in 2016 on the heels of her marital relationship of 15 years ending. Barbara sold her wedding ring, employed a media fitness instructor, and began pursuing her dream task in tv. After the chemo and separation procedure, Barbara introduced her brand name as The Curator of the Good Life, dedicating herself to finding, screening, and sharing all that it suggests living your ideal life with style, purpose, and adventure.

Barbara promptly saw others end up being influenced by her brand-new endeavor and start their campaigns. This led her to share her “back of the house” grind, mentality, and grit via her social media systems, including Club, podcasting, Instagram, and TikTok. She called it “the grit behind the prestige.”

“My brand is everything about sharing what it indicates to cope with objective, style, and also an adventure. Function: as it has actually been claimed, life’s essence is to live a life of objective. Style: every person deserves to live conveniently in their skin and the journey. Living outside your comfort area is where the magic occurs. Barbara Majeski, aka ‘the manager of the good life,’ is my objective, my phoning call to help inspire others to live their finest, highest variation of themselves,” clarifies Barbara.

Though she’s encountered numerous difficulties as well as barriers, Barbara points out that her most significant challenge was handling the hate that came to her means. People being rude, dissuading, and the straight-out mean was the order of business, but she never quit. She conquered it, revealing durability as well as determination with even more wish for success.

An enthusiastic lady, Barbara wishes to range and expand her impact to reach even more people worldwide. She intends to develop a worldwide empire and write a publication to motivate other single women and males over forty to live their finest lives. She also encourages you to buy on your own, border yourself with like-minded people, and publish a trip to remove your mind, fill your heart, and spark your heart.

“Occasions in life occur for you, not to you. It permits a sense of peace through difficulty that there will be lessons, gifts, and suggestions done in due time,” Barbara claims.


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