GuruNanda Proves To Be The Secret To Successful Oral Wellness

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As a general matter, we are all aware of plenty of environmental risks. One popular example of a common ecological concern is the use of single-use, plastic water bottles. Yet, do you think other products packaged in plastic, such as mouthwash, are as dangerous? Did you know that commercial mouthwashes are reformulated with chemicals hazardous to sea life, as well as the bottles in which the breath fresheners come? Well, GuruNanda is changing that immediately with their innovative, essential oil-based formulas.

GuruNanda and their concentrated mouthwash is a patented formula made from seven pure and natural essential oils sustainably harvested. This indicates that the product does not include any toxic chemicals or preservatives as well as alcohol, fluoride, preservatives, gluten, or toxic chemicals. Many conventional types of mouthwash destroy all the bacteria, both good and bad, in your mouth. By allowing oral bacteria to break down food and kill bad oral bacteria, they play a vital role in keeping the mouth healthy. 

With a purpose-driven blend of essential oils and vitamins, GuruNanda Concentrated Mouthwash helps reduce inflammation, balance your oral microbiome, and promote healthy teeth and gums. According to Puneet Nanda, founder of GuruNanda, the story behind the wellness brand comes from a lot of healing and inner work.

“After years of a stress-filled lifestyle filled with work and unhealthy eating led me to a health crisis, I returned home to my native India,” Puneet explains. “There, I immersed myself in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic healing system. In fact, my ancestors were famed Ayurvedic healers, but I had rejected the practice until I needed it myself. Through yoga and Ayurveda, I became healthier than ever. Just as I healed myself, I created GuruNanda to invite everyone to become the guru of their wellness.”

There are three pillars to the brand: authenticity, quality, and good karma. With that, Ayurveda is at the center of the products, which are ethically sourced, manufactured, and priced to benefit everyone. From there, GuruNanda draws a line between Ayurveda and Western medicine, which was perceived as only for those who did not believe in Western medicine.

Source: GuruNanda

“I am very firm in my belief that Ayurveda and Western medicine can and should go together,” Puneet says. “This is why I have both Ayurvedic practitioners and Western medical doctors help design all GuruNanda products. GuruNanda has made safe, natural, and effective oral care affordable and available to people who would not have considered it before. Everything from the images and words we use to how we choose new products to develop must fit into this framework. For us, the brand is more than a commercial practice – it is a reminder of our commitment to our customers.”  

The solution is to dilute Concentrated Mouthwash in water and then swish it on your gums, rather than drinking straight from a regular-sized bottle and quickly using up the bottle. The bottles’ use of recycled plastic results in less waste and a lower carbon footprint. The authentic tenets of this ancient healing system are something Puneet is passionate about sharing as an authentic Ayurvedic practitioner.

“Every decision we make as a company, from the sustainable sourcing of our essential oils in partnership with developing countries around the world to our fair and affordable pricing, is made with the idea of holistic benefit in mind–not just for the individual, but for the world – including our farmer partners,” Puneet explains. “I have personally visited and vetted all my natural essential oils farmer partners, and I personally guarantee the purity and quality of our ingredients. I never sell an oil before personally touching the soil.”  

Puneet can now say she is thrilled with the partnerships with numerous consumer industry stores, including Walmart. Sharing her love for Ayurveda and oral care in these same locations has truly been on another level due to her extensive white-label experience and positive buyer relationships.

“I am excited for GuruNanda to remain on the cutting edge of natural oral care innovation and to continue to educate the American public on the benefits of Ayurveda,” Puneet says. “I wanted to make the unique, high-quality products available in only expensive stores accessible to everyday people, and my partnership with Walmart has allowed me to do exactly this.”

As your mouth is the gateway to your body, it is important to know that bad bacteria in your mouth can affect your stomach and even your heart. Puneet reminds everyone that GuruNanda will not only enhance your oral health, but also physical health, making it the safest way to maintain healthy gums, teeth, and a balanced oral ecosystem.

GuruNanda’s Concentrated Mouthwash // Source: GuruNanda

“I am passionate about oral care and believe that making it accessible to all is my life’s work,” Puneet implies. “98% of the bacteria in our mouths are good bacteria, allowing us to absorb vital nutrients. However, most mouthwashes kill all oral bacteria, good and bad. GuruNanda products destroy bad oral bacteria without inhibiting the good, preserving and maintaining a healthy microbiome.” 

Visit GuruNanda’s website here to learn more about their mission and buy some of their products.


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