How You Can Start Landing High Profile Clients Today With Adam Palmer


Hold on, how does it feel to work with high ranked individuals like Neil Patel, Arman Assadi, Beth Kirby? Often, when faced with high profile individuals, you may have a lot of butterflies in your stomach, especially during the first encounter. In fact, most high profile clients you encounter are just like anyone else. It is important that you stay calm and collected and of course deliver the best work possible. Communication is key in any business and especially if you are handling high profile clients. Make sure your clients are always being heard and respond to them as soon as possible. 


No one is comfortable when it comes to their personal information leaking to perfect strangers. Every move high profile clients take reflects under a magnifying glass. Not only is it an invasion of privacy but as well as a security issue. Never spill the beans and remember the importance of upholding confidentiality always. Incorporate your discretion as a selling strategy. You will eventually build a trustworthy and dependable reputation as a result of upholding clients’ privacy. 

Time is Money

Stop beating around the bush; keep your communication straight forward, short, and direct to the point. When scheduling meetings, take advantage of early mornings when possible. You will be able to gain their full attention before engaging in their busy schedules running their businesses. Have the first check-in time with them while scheduling a meeting to check their availability and lock your calendars way in advance.

You will be the first face they see on that day so make sure you make a great impact. Most people don’t like it when others beat around the bush so as mentioned above, be straight forward and get to the point. Authenticity is key so make sure you are being honest with them and show your true self, many people like that. 

Adopt a Flexible Schedule 

Create a friendly environment to discuss possible solutions as you offer your expert advice to them. Take note not to push your reasoning too much because such high caliber individuals like taking the superiority lead. That does not mean back down though. If you are an expert in your field and you know what is best, let them know politely and if they still want it done a certain way then do it because that will ultimately make the client happy. Always let them make the decision and take the lead in implementing them. 

Offer TopNotch Service

We all understand that quality service drives clients to your business. High ranking individuals have the specific characteristics that whatever offer they get should be the best and of high quality. They want nothing but the best, so make sure you are able to offer them something they can’t refuse and overdeliver in order to impress them. Founder of Automate Scale, Adam Palmer, explains “There’s an absolute deficit of dedicated freelancers willing to go the extra mile for their clients. If you’re willing to do this and decide to fully commit to this lifestyle, there’s a world of opportunity and endless amounts of businesses in need of your help.”. So, you must always be willing to go above and beyond for your clients to create that trust and loyalty. 

In conclusion, create a strong connection with your clients by creating a friendly environment to work in. Remember, it’s not always that serious, and make sure to only produce the best results. Always over deliver in order to create strong and meaningful relationships with your clients because that will ultimately make them come back to work with you again. 


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