As Covid-19 Takes a Toll on Education, Kenya Brooks, Education Entrepreneur, is Championing a Breakthrough for Kids, Teachers, and Parents through Groundbreaking Learning Platforms

Kenya Brooks - Outfit 1
Kenya Brooks – Outfit 1

We have all been forced to face a new normal as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, as no one has been spared from the adverse effects of the pandemic. With no foreseeable end in sight, everyone is grappling with ways to adjust to the lifestyle shift caused by the virus. This is especially true of those required to adjust to the new normal is the education sector. Despite the challenges that remote learning poses, it is evident that with or without attending school physically, learning must continue. 


Different players in the education field are all trying to find ways to go about this pandemic with the least negative effects as possible, especially on the students. One plaguing question is whether or not it is possible for the students to have equal access to quality education during this time of the pandemic. And more specifically, will the academic needs of all be met without being within a physical classroom? If the answer is in the affirmative, how can this be achieved?


A light amid the tunnel

Not only does passionate education entrepreneur Kenya Brooks have a wealth of experience in the education field, but she desires to offer a long term solution for all students during this time of the pandemic. She believes that through groundbreaking learning platforms that ensure access to equal and quality education, students will be able to thrive, even while learning remotely. It seems that with brilliant minds like that of Kenya Brooks there is still hope to find a way to adapt and adjust to this shift in education. She encourages that there is still a way to offer a near-seamless learning experience to students during the pandemic. Thus, the proverbial light is no longer at the end of the tunnel but in the midst of the tunnel. And, oh what a joy and relief to parents, educators, and students!


Kenya Brooks has worked with different government entities and educational organizations. She has a deep passion to ensure that students regardless of their background are given the opportunity to succeed. She knows that they can push through and continue to learn, even during a pandemic, with just about the same ease they would have had in a physical classroom. Kenya uses her vast experience and expertise in the education field to champion others in the field to embrace new methods of offering scholarly knowledge to students.


Hello, technology!

In 2015, Kenya Brooks launched Jones Software Corp, which develops education-based software to aid students of all ages and levels of education with their learning. This is not just your daily virtual class; it is a software that offers the feel of a physical classroom. One such software they have developed is iLikeMath. It is an adaptive learning math software that has enhanced procedural math instruction with clarity and ease. The software is designed to simplify and build an understanding of math for scholars performing at or below grade level. It helps boost their confidence while improving their understanding of the content through engaging exercises and assessments


The software is like a whole classroom complete with a Math curriculum, lessons, exercises, and assessments that sharpen the student’s skills in Math. It is also simplified in a way that is both student and instructor friendly. This helps make it easier for parents or guardians who might also want to be involved in the student’s learning.


Overall, very few people can turn dirt into gold or to even rise beyond unprecedented hindrances and offer hope. But, one of the few people who has been able to do this is Kenya Brooks. The hope she offers isn’t just for her, it is for every student yearning for the stability of learning even during this pandemic.


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