How to Optimize Your Psychology, Confidence, And Communication Through Improved Emotional Intelligence, Self-esteem And Character Development With Alexander Walton


When was the last time you truly loved and applauded yourself – truly enjoyed your own company – without guilt-tripping, hating, or even criticizing yourself for some flaws or things in your life which weren’t working out, whether in the past, present or future? When was the last time you were intentionally gracious to yourself – not out of self-obsession or pity – but out of genuine love and understanding of yourself? Did you know that sometimes the average person has an easier time believing in and applauding others more than they do believe and applauding themselves?

Who is Alexander?

Alexander Walton is a seasoned social scientist, aspiring renaissance man, and an outspoken student. He helps his clients discover the ‘secret weapon’ to high performing men through his vast knowledge of psychology, and also assists you to make a better understanding of yourself a reality. Alex brilliantly helps people optimize their psychology, thus boosting their self-confidence, influencing their character development and developing unwavering security within themselves.

This in turn improves their emotional intelligence and self-esteem and also boosts their communication skills. The ultimate goal is to have the individual build bulletproof self-trust and self-respect which improves their output both in their personal lives and society at large. Alexander expounds further on how this works in his recent E-book “Quarantine Domination Blueprint” – a literary masterpiece that builds on the two principles of self-trust and self-respect using what Einstein called the most powerful force in the universe: ‘compound interest.’

Energy Is Our Most Precious Resource –More Valuable Than Time

What if you discovered that time is not the problem but what you pour your energy into? The energy you reverberate affects a lot of things about you, including how you view and treat yourself, the pursuits you set you on, the output of all you set to do, and most importantly, the habits you nurture and develop. Once you learn to invest your energy, you’re able to choose your daily habits wisely – which then run effortlessly, on autopilot – not just into tomorrow but into your future to shape the person you become.

Is Your Momentum Positive Or Negative?

We are always either in one state or another. Stagnation or what is known as ‘neutral momentum’ is a myth. But momentum whether positive or negative does not just happen overnight, it is built with practice over time. It takes time and intentionality to build on positive momentum; and you learn about all that in the principles Alexander divulges in his E-book. If you remain in a state of positive momentum, you will have the power of nature through ‘compound interest’ working in your favor instead of against you.

Try Something Counter-intuitive

“Bar setting,” depending on how you choose to call it, is almost an instinctive practice for humanity. However many either end up setting goals/bars/standards that are either too high that even they themselves cannot achieve them or so low that they end up not experiencing their full potential. These unrealistic standards are influenced by a lot of factors, including pop culture, lack of proper understanding of one’s true potential, external influence, previous circumstances, something difficult that happened to the individual; and so many other external factors. The truth is, whether these standards are objective or not, constructive or destructive, informed or ignorant, realistic, or unrealistic they still affect the functionality of the individual living them.

Alexander brilliantly equips his readers with information on how to avoid setting unrealistic standards and instead apply what he calls a ‘minimum effective dose’ that makes what you want to achieve realistic and achievable while being able to enjoy the small wins in the process. The ‘minimum effective dose’ enables you to give yourself continual credit for each tiny step you make towards your major goal instead of constantly beating yourself up for not being able to take the big leaps yet. The ‘dose’ allows you to be gracious to yourself while still in the process of becoming.

Having worked with some of the world’s top performers & authorities in various fields – from business to public speaking to psychology to YouTube, and more – including people like Sam Ghods, co-founder of, Justin Devonshire, serial entrepreneur & elite public speaker, Drew Morisey, YouTube’s top “how to rap” authority, among others… It is evident that what Alexander offers is not merely hot air but timeless principles that have been tried by some of the world’s best and worked. What Alexander does and what he has shared in the Quarantine Domination Blueprint is wealth worth equipping yourself with, if you’re to explore your greatest potential!



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