Alternative Strategies to Financial Freedom


Financial freedom is invaluable in a society that all but requires it. The ability to meet basic needs, live comfortably, get rid of debt, and have money on hand for emergencies is one only a few are afforded, but it’s not impossible to learn. Sometimes, it requires uncommon methods. Always, it requires growing from mistakes. 

Jordin Rousel, a 26-year-old successful real estate entrepreneur, developed his own strategies to build a network of private money that allows for financial freedom. These strategies were not conceptualized in a day. Rather, they’re fruits of Jordin’s personal and professional successes, failures, challenges, and experiences. If you’re building your own network of money to experience financial freedom, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll come across your own strategies to make sure enough money is always coming in – each person’s unique experience and perspective are valuable in their own right. 

What’s important to remember is that learning from people who have experience is key, as it can save you from making the same mistakes others made, in turn saving you time, money, and heartache down the road.

Strategies for building a network of private money.

Devise a proper plan. Whether you’re in real estate or any other industry, it is important to have a proactive strategy. Start with where you are, decide where you want to be, and make mini-plans to reach stepping stones to get to your ultimate goal. You’re going to be asking investors for money, so it’s pretty deeply important that you can present a well thought out plan to them. 

Surround yourself with supportive, honest people. It is vital to network, to find people who can support and invest in your vision while giving honest feedback. Whether these people are mentors, friends, business partners, or employees, choosing your relationships wisely will help you expand your business without losing sight of your goals. Investments allow a firm to develop and an individual to achieve financial independence, so make sure you’re handling them with respect. 

Invest in other businesses. Companies that provide funding can allow you to invest in other ventures that can return your investment with interest. Learning the ins and outs of investing is a long-term strategy for your career, as it creates a significant amount of money in interest. 

Create some NFTs. Coming up with an NFT costs almost nothing, but the way the market is reacting to NFTs demonstrates that it will sell for a handsome profit as it continues to gain value. Investing in NFTs is tricky, but with the right mentor, research, and guidance, it too can turn a profit.

Lack of financial intelligence, improper planning, overconfidence, poor communication, and unrealistic goals are just a few missteps to avoid when building a network of private money, and Jordin knows it. 

The proof is in the prosperity.

Jordin learned these lessons the hard way. Now, he is a successful 26-year-old real estate entrepreneur, but he was once a man in his early 20s who bankrupted himself. 

Jordin’s journey has not been easy; he’s struggled with drug abuse and poor business practices and turned his story around. Through these strategies, Jordin was able to make money without having his own capital.

He got into real estate in his early 20s and started real estate full-time at 21 years old. When Jordin started his entrepreneurial career, he first found people willing to invest in his business. From that point, he started brokering investments for other people at a fee before using the profits to invest in real estate, forming another revenue stream. 

He dove into other aspects of real estate like flipping rentals, acquiring money for other investors, and consulting for investors on residential and commercial properties. 

As a result, he became one of the city’s youngest real estate investors, doing roughly 30 wholesale and flip deals per year. He became a best-selling author at the age of 22 when he published his book for life on Amazon. 

Jordin gained wealth and achieved financial freedom by using people’s money to invest in various projects, earning profits from both himself and the investor. He also created and sold NFTs on the internet for profit.

Jordin is proof that anyone can make it with hard work and strategy. You no longer need to have money to make money. With proper planning, networking, and execution of these strategies, people can drag themselves from poverty to a world of prosperity. 


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