This Ethical Modelling Agency Is Doing Things You Haven’t Seen.


For decades, modeling has been a silent profession, where one was only supposed to be seen and never heard. But it is now slowly being phased out. Many campaigns are being revamped in support of giving models voices to air their views freely. A casting director took to his social media, condemning two of his colleagues for keeping models in unlit stairways for several hours. 

Following the incident, a recent survey by revealed evidence of unprofessional working environment, non-payment, and abuse main challenges models suffer. However, many agencies are working tirelessly to reinstate the lost glory. By clearing the historical injustices and shading off light towards an ethically sustainable modeling platform. Role Models Management is one of the agencies championing for change. 

Historical Background Of Role Models Management

Role Models Management was founded in 2017 by Val Emanuel and Anne Therese. Both coming from a modeling background and with an innate passion for breaking loose and disrupting the business of modeling. They are enthusiastic about bringing in change and offering a platform for growth and networking for models. 

Role Models Management focuses on putting ethics, sustainability, environmental, and social justice as the primary factor for their business. 

The company’s technical approach involves vetting brands that align with their core values, ensuring their goals are aligned, and, in return, match talents from their rooster models accordingly. 

To get an in-depth understanding of the brain behind such a fantastic concept, Val and Anne opened up on their journey to success. 

Val Emanuel

For Val, she shares her gratitude with one of their familiar friends who linked them up. Having an innate drive to ensure the modeling agency addresses most of the main points models are experiencing, it did not take long for Val and Anne to have that initial conversation. 

Val was of the conception that if real change was to happen, then it should happen from within. Right from the modeling agencies to gradually but steadily pacing towards the rest of the world. To trigger the move, Val focused on inspiring models towards positive change across the industry by creating a platform where models can work with brands they love and show the world what it means to be an accurate role model.

Anne Therese

Anne from the word go was a community builder with a strong belief in collective, positive change. Her take has always been geared towards embracing curiosity and positivity and promoting ethical and sustainable lifeways. Anne has a specialized inner drive that brings about intuition and passion for making things happen. Being a fearless entrepreneur and visionary who is not afraid to disrupt the industry and inspire positive change. 

Why Ethical Agency? 

The fact that historically models were voicelessly brought about an itch to change the narrative. Models are not robots but rather human beings who deserve to be treated well. They should be known by what they portray and who they are as a person.

The rapid changes globally have brought about the redefinition of whom models are termed. The natural beauty aspect and their passion for voicing a strong message and inspiring others have become the primary core values agencies are building on. 

Role Models Management incorporates an ethical agency approach to their business. They have created a transparent, open-ended policy to ensure accountability with all their clients and models alike. Val and Anne understand the pressure that models undergo, and holding their models back while actively engaging in their careers is what they do best.

Anne explains that models today have been given additional responsibility to set high standards to ensure sustainability. The agency bridges the gap by ensuring that most models have gained knowledge and are more empowered than before. They take different approaches to expand the model network, including direct introductions, cold pitching, and holding events that offer networking platforms.

Through their social handles, the agency opens up to the world on how models impact society through donations and other community-based activities. In one way, they help the models to understand the social impact aspect and the society to accept the modeling similar to any other profession.


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