Blazy Susan Takes Creativity And Relaxation To Another Level

Blazy Susan
Source: Blazy Susan

Those who are cannabis enthusiasts can understand the need to have the best accessories and products to enhance their experience.  A forward-looking brand that creates some of the best rolling accessories on the market, Blazy Susan offers various innovative and consumer-focused products. 

Now, Blazy Susan is more than just creative smoking accessories. As a lifestyle brand, it works to break down the stigma around the plant and its users, not only for relaxing effects or altered states of consciousness, but also for treatment and medication. They aim to give back to the community by doing everything they can to help the cannabis industry thrive. They accomplish this by spreading awareness about various issues, like breast cancer research, sustainability initiatives, or cannabis reform work.

“When we launched our famous pink papers in 2019, we did so to bring awareness and give back to those fighting breast cancer,” Blazy Susan founder Will Breakell explains. “Many of us have close friends and family who have fought that fight, and we wanted to make an impact with a new style of paper that wasn’t available at the time. Those papers took off and filled a void in the industry. Many people felt the papers gave representation to groups of people who weren’t represented at the time. A few years later, you will see plenty of brands trying their hand at pink papers, but we are proud to have led the way and continue to give back, just like we did when we first launched pink papers.”

Based in Denver, CO, Blazy Susan has been launching innovative products since the beginning, which has positively impacted the cannabis industry.  In addition, their products are packaged in bright colors, making them stand out among their competitors.  Their spinning rolling trays are hugely popular at the moment, as they feature a gorgeous and unique design and are extremely effortless to use. 

Blazy Susan
Source: Blazy Susan
Blazy Susan
Blazy Susan Tray Diagram // Source: Blazy Susan

This bag contains compartments to hold all kinds of smoking accessories and supplies, from lighters to pre-rolls to your phone and other gadgets. It is made from high-quality birch wood and hand-finished with an Italian varnish for a smooth and sleek ride. Moreover, the Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray was a high-dea born from a moment of clarity in Will’s living room!

“I looked at my coffee table – covered in tools, glass, jars, and ash – and realized there had to be a better way to keep my sesh area clean,” Will recalls. “I also knew I did not want to work too hard to reach anything when I was in this state. Lazy Susans were insanely popular back in the day, and I had a few myself throughout the years, so the thought and name popped into my head and the rest is history. I went to work designing the perfect rolling tray/organizer with slots and inserts to help manage every piece of gear people use to get blazed.”

As a full production facility, Blazy Builds does more than just design and make every wooden tray they sell. They are also constantly designing and building interior design projects, furniture, and even renovating vehicles. And right now, Blazy Susan has many exciting projects in the works at any given time.

“We have just finished a 1960’s Chevy truck rebuild that we will be rolling around Denver this summer!” Will says. “Between those projects and the ever-growing demand for our papers, cones, and accessories, we stay busy. Our team is expanding into more media and content creation, so stay tuned for a lot of dope videos, interviews, and streams in the near future.”

As a cannabis-themed business owner, Will has learned that creativity is critical when building your brand and promoting it. “We do not have many traditional means of advertising, so you need to be creative and careful in how you market,” Will explains. “It is so important to work well with others, find ways to collaborate with the other amazing brands in this industry, and always look to lift each other up. We are all feeling the same pains and want to shine in this industry in the best way possible!”

For more information on Blazy Susan and its unique products, visit their website here


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