Winning By Helping Others Win: How Salim Elhila is Advancing By Sharing Knowledge On Entrepreneurship

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Many times when we hear about entrepreneurship, we think about trading products or services for revenue. While this is often the case, some entrepreneurs still find new ways to drive change through investing in communities. It is these kinds of stories that excite me. They are not very common, but here is one good example. 

In 2017, Salim Elhila was a fresh Graduate in Mathematical Engineering and Statistical Modelling. He would later go on to get a good job abroad, enabling him to live fabulous experiences. However, he had the desire to do more. He yearned for freedom. In no time, he had quit his job and started his first e-commerce business. He first created a marketplace where he sold trendy products online. After some time, even after creating successful e-commerce businesses, Salim Elhila realized the missing human side of his business. He wanted to have human interactions. So Salim Elhila started coaching people on how to create their successful enterprises. Since he gained a lot of experience and was very successful with e-commerce, he knew he had something to share with others. 

What started as a small community on Facebook and YouTube was slowly gaining traction. In a matter of time, Salim’s mentoring program was able to help beginners go on to make more than 1k Euros per day. It was then that Salim knew that he wanted to help people grow and help them achieve quantum leaps and breaks. Assisting people in building their businesses is a venture altogether. Presently, Salim Elhila has taken his mentorship program a step further. He uses his digital marketing and business knowledge to help others create online coaching, consulting, and service businesses.

Caring to Share

Sharing comes from the point of thinking about others first. What is it that you can do to make the world a better place? Salim Elhila believes in empowering others to succeed in their ventures. Sharing knowledge fosters vision in others and strengthens professional ties. At the same time, when you share, it also helps you deepen your own understanding and engrains what you know. Salim’s company, Learning Master,  which he co-founded with Djibril Mara, focuses exclusively on e-learning to share with as many people as possible about coaching and e-commerce businesses. Salim is on a mission to use his digital marketing and business knowledge to help others thrive. 

Scaling impact

Today’s world revolves around the internet. It is here that people learn, connect, and do business. At Learning Master, Salim Elhila aims to give everyone a chance to reach their full potential by developing their skills. There is no limit to how many you can achieve with e-learning. From east to west, his e-learning program is reaching thousands of people. Notably, the program has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful online businesses. It is a vehicle for success, which has opened opportunities for many. And, this is what keeps him motivated; to see others succeed.

Building an engaged community

Businesses are about providing value to others. This is why Salim Elhila is helping others grow. He was once an introvert. But through self-improvement, he was able to crush his limitations and beliefs and had a paradigm shift towards entrepreneurship. Being in the business world has led him to be more aware of the essentials in life. Engaging with others is critical if you are want to bring change to the world. 

Through e-learning, Salim is finding new ways to help others explore opportunities, discover new skills, and control their future. After all, you learn from others. He got the inspiration to start e-commerce from someone who was doing well in it. Now, he is focused on building a community of leaders, where people can explore opportunities and learn from each other. 

Salim Elhila is focused on seeing other entrepreneurs succeed. He understands the ins and outs of e-commerce and e-learning, and he is not hesitant to share with others. Besides, mentoring others brings a human side to any business that is worth more than money. Salim has found great success and fulfillment in helping others. And his journey is only beginning. Connect with Salim Elhila to learn more about his work and how he might even be able to help you.


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