Rhonda Swan Shares 5 Tips On Running An Effective PR Campaign For Your Brand


Are you looking to boost your brand? Perhaps amping up your public relations campaign is exactly what you need. To succeed in PR, it is important to take some essential steps in order to spark the highest level of success.

In this article, PR expert Rhonda Swan shares her essential tips for running an effective PR campaign to enhance your brand. She has worked with thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs in different fields, helping them amplify their brands to the next level. 

Learn why planning your objectives, identifying opportunities, evaluating the right platforms to use, among others, are the key to an effective campaign. 

Take it from Rhonda

Rhonda Swan’s company Unstoppable Branding Agency helps companies and brands, executives, and CEOs develop a clear and sharp brand image, message, and media strategy to amplify their brands. 

Rhonda has successfully established multiple 7-figure empires, and with experience spanning over 18 years, she surely knows what works in the digital marketing space. Before starting her first business, Rhonda worked within the GSK Corporation, where she was responsible for over half a million in advertising and sales campaigns each quarter. However, since she ventured into the entrepreneurial journey, Rhonda has not looked back since. 

Now she is sharing what she has done to succeed, to help others find success for themselves. 

Rhonda’s Essential Tips for Running an Effective PR Campaign


  •  Know Your Objectives


What do you want your brand name to achieve? Perhaps you are looking into building your brand awareness or building your company to be a more reputable household name. Beforehand, it would be best if you have your goal well defined.

You need to determine the metrics you will use to measure your campaign’s milestones and impacts. Therefore, it is crucial to create a landing page on your site to measure the focus groups that have been exposed to your ad. 

To back up your plan you will need a detailed budget broken down to best capture the essential needs for a successful campaign. When experiencing constraints in funds, it is advisable to have a focal point to achieve small goals other than spreading your budget widely to different channels that may not necessarily bring any return.


  • Identify Opportunities to Explore


Once you have thought through your budget and have a defined objective, it’s time to explore different opportunities. There are no exact look-alike scenarios for each industry; therefore, take time to identify with opportunities that match your goals.

Keep a keen eye on your competitors to avoid any crash with your strategy. Please take a good idea from your competitor and make it better and unique. 

Make a timely decision to hit the market or target audience on time. Too much focus on strategic approach and exploration may lead to missing your mark and leading to complete failure. Keep in mind that we all live in a competitive world, so you must grab the opportunities as they come along.


  • Evaluate the Right Platform to Use


Evaluating which platform to use is critical to the success of your campaign. Think through which platform will make your ad effective and reach your target market.

For instance, Linkedin is becoming more popular for B2B press releases. Keep on researching where your focus group gets their news from – this way, you will keep up with the pace and connect with them on their right platform. Early-stage campaigns may take longer but will, in the future, lead to the success of your drives down the line. 


  • Keep on Task


When working on a longer-term PR strategy, ensure that you can stay on task. Make a list of the duties and organize your thoughts cohesively. Motivation is key if you want to get the best result. Explore online tools that can help you keep focused on achieving your goals within the stipulated deadlines. 


  •  Improve and Evaluate Your Concept


Towards the end of your campaign, remember to take a deep breath and look back at how it all unfolded. Use all of Rhonda’s tips to improve your next campaign. With tracking and productivity, keep on improving yourself. 

Rhonda Swan emphasizes, “A journey of a thousand miles starts with that initial step.” She recommends everyone to get out of their comfort zone and try out the opportunities that present themselves in the digital space. 



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