Catching up with Peter Marks: Internationally-renowned astrologist and spirit guide

Peter Marks
Peter Marks. Photo Courtesy of Peter Marks

Internationally-renowned astrologist and spirit guide Peter Marks chatted with #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos about his latest endeavors.

What are your latest projects?

I am working on the Cosmic Tea Hour 999, a new podcast for spiritual people. It airs Monday evening from 7 to 8 PM EST. I will be joining the host Theresa Connolly-Seichter. Theresa is a spiritual healer and intuitive. Psychic mediums Kelly Jo Monhaghan and Kristen Tinsley.

I am working with remote viewer Angela Ford in trying to fund a television astrology cooking show based on my book, The Gourmet Cookbook for Astrology Lovers. We are looking for investors now.

A book, entitled Taking Back Your Power by Marla McKenna, will be released in August. I was interviewed for the book.

I just hired a manager named Tiffany Roberts. She schedules and organizes my readings and plans out my days.

What do your plans for the future include?

I look forward to having my own astrology cooking show. It will help educate and enlighten people on a large scale. It will also be a good time for everyone. I am planning on writing a children’s astrology cookbook. I would like to be an inspirational speaker.

What moments helped define you?

I was invited to a dinner in NYC at Oscar’s Restaurant… I had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth Taylor and she asked me for a reading. She told me that I was very accurate. At that time, I felt that I established myself.

I was asked by management at Mar-a-Lago to give readings to guests. They complemented me on my accuracy.

I met Angela Ford who worked for the government as a psychic spy. She was called a remote viewer. She has been on US and Russian television programs. She has been written up in books and magazines. We have teamed up many times to work together.

Greatest Lesson that astrology has taught him

No matter how much exposure or publicity I receive, my guides want me to be humble, loving, and kind. We should all try to cultivate a good sense of humor. Nobody is 100 percent correct on their readings.

Advise for young and aspiring astrologists

Find a credited curriculum so they can learn how to tap into their intuition and to realize when they provide readings, many people are in crises. They are to behave with the highest ethics possible.

What does success mean to you now?

Inner peace, unconditional love, and total acceptance of people.

To learn more about Peter Marks, visit his official homepage and his Facebook page.