Benjamin Bryant scores his first-ever Emmy nomination

Benjamin Bryant
Benjamin Bryant. Photo by Tommy Zamberlan

Acclaimed filmmaker Benjamin Bryant has a major reason to be proud. He scored his first-ever Emmy nomination. #Powerjournalist Markos Papadatos has the scoop.

Bryant is nominated for “Welcome Home! Honoring Your Legacy” alongside fellow producer Thomas Zamberlan at the National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter Emmy Awards.

“Thank you Capital Emmys for this incredible honor, further recognizing our tribute to Vietnam veterans and their families with the The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration,” Bryant expressed. “All recognition of this wonderful 2-hour program is shared with those vets and families, first and foremost. Thank you to them for their service and sacrifices.”

“And a hearty congratulations to Blue Ridge PBS for their well-deserved nomination in the same category for the excellent Grenada doc, ‘One Week in October’,” he added.

“We’ve been blessed to produce shows and actors nominated on multiple occasions, but this is the first nomination for both of us, personally. And to have it be for this program, in particular, is quite meaningful. We are very grateful. See everyone June 22nd!” he exclaimed.

Congratulations to Benjamin Bryant and Thomas Zamberlan on this well-deserved Emmy recognition!

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