Climate Change Is the World’s Biggest Business Opportunity


It’s impossible to deny that the world is getting warmer and warmer. People are becoming increasingly fearful for the future of our planet. With so many companies and industries abusing and overusing the environment, it’s time to find a better way.

“Climate change presents the biggest opportunity for businesses and investors,” says Gert Christen, an entrepreneur and startup expert. “I believe that technology is nothing unless it solves problems. Today, our biggest problem is climate change. So let’s use technology to solve it”.

Gert believes that we can solve the climate change problem through technological advancement and business innovations. People, businesses, and their governments need to put their heads together to find solutions.

For the last 20-40 years, so many resources have gone into developing computers, software, and the internet. Businesses have grown and benefited from these advancements. Gert believes that solving climate change will provide the same opportunity and benefits to the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Using Technology to Solve the Unsolvable 

Problems should be seen as business opportunities, which are created by identifying gaps in the market and people’s needs, then developing solutions to solve these problems.  

Gert uses his business and technology expertise to help solve problems. He advises large companies, helping them create new business and innovation strategies. This enables these companies to reinvent themselves and compete with startup businesses.

Gert is an expert in incubating new businesses, using design thinking, which enables businesses to solve problems by innovating and creating new products.

Through his latest venture, USA Launching Pad, Gert works with foreign companies who wish to expand their business to the USA in an innovative, methodical way. His method focuses on testing five different strategic areas to define the marketing, sales, product, back-office setup, and the funding needed to succeed.

Game-changing Technologies

Technology is at the center of the coming industry transformation to solve climate change. There’s no shortage of exciting ideas, but turning innovations into scalable businesses takes knowledge, experience, and market research. Everyone worldwide will need to pull their resources together to fight climate change.

Gert encourages businesses, investors, and governments to concentrate on solving the climate change problem. This will lead to technological advancements and new business opportunities, and at the same time, it will save our planet.  

Government support will provide the funding for researchers to find technologies, and incentivize entrepreneurs to develop these technologies into solutions to counter climate change. Technologies that will cut CO2 emissions should be scaled rapidly. Government support, including low-cost financing, should be made available.

This way, climate change will bring opportunities for leaders and entrepreneurs. The public will be drawn to more environmentally friendly businesses, and so will the next generation of employees. Early adopters will gain an advantage by taking the lead!

According to Gert, “Climate change is the most significant business opportunity for entrepreneurs since the invention of the steam engine!”  It requires innovating and using new technologies, but it offers the opportunity to save our planet. The technologies that will emerge will trigger an enormous wave of innovation that will last for the next 20 years, just as the software revolution has for the past 20 years.


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