The Path of Entrepreneurship Often Requires Personal Sacrifice, Says Canadian Investor & Content Creator Louis Vesovski

Traveling down the entrepreneurial path requires many sacrifices - even those relationships closest to you.


Canadian content creator and investor Louis Vesovski chatted with True Hollywood Talk’s Andrew Rossow about why taking that first step into the world of entrepreneurship and investment, may come at the cost of relationships that you’re better off without. 

Later this fall, his upcoming book on investing secrets will be released, which details the struggles Vesovski encountered which helped point him in a better direction, serving as a resource for individuals just beginning their investment journey. 

Today’s fintech space has taught us one extremely valuable lesson – the market can price things wrong. Warren Buffet once said that “price is what you pay; value is what you get.”

In other words, don’t focus on short-term swings in price; focus on the underlying value of your investment. 

“Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great movies are usually greeted by yawns.”

– Warren Buffet

With a background in construction engineering and computer science, Vesovski found his passion elsewhere, transitioning into the world of finance, media, and motivational speaking. 

Earlier this spring, he chose to take a break from his education at The University of British Columbia, chasing his dream of becoming a thought leader for Gen-Z and investment. 

“I didn’t want to take a break from UBC, but I chose to because I wouldn’t be able to balance school plus the workload from my projects,” he told True Hollywood Talk. “I always knew I could go back to school, but I felt like it was the right time for me to take a break and clear my head and see what I truly wanted to do with my life before getting too old. I didn’t want to live my life with regrets.”

While the young entrepreneur expressed his love for attending school, he realized the world of media and entertainment was the perfect opportunity to make the biggest impact for his generation, helping teach good financial habits and investment opportunities.

“During my academic tenure, I met many different groups of people, played sports, and wanted to continue making a positive impact living life on my own terms – incorporating those aspects into something I’d be proud of.”

With a billion dollar professional network, Vesovski shared with us how he built up that network from scratch:

“When I first started, I didn’t realize what I was doing. I was making new friends with similar goals and interests as me and one person led me to another. I started realizing the importance of surrounding yourself with good people and noticed the quality of my life and success improve drastically. It was the ability to get things done and have access to resources many people didn’t have. I always kept an open-mind, because not every individual is the same and respected others for their point of views. If you’re a good person and stay loyal, you’ll go far.”

Like many serial entrepreneurs, the level of commitment and dedication to starting a new business comes at a cost, most often with personal relationships. 

“I remember losing a number of friends simply because we had different goals and interests,” Vesovski confessed. “I never looked back. I didn’t let anything negative affect me; I did a good job of staying positive and keeping positivity around me. I focused on staying busy and doing things that were beneficial to me and my career.”

At 18-years-old, Vesovski began trading stocks. “I was still in school at the time, and was looking for ways to make some extra money. Stocks really stood out for me, because the possibilities were endless, and I was able to do it from anywhere, which gave me freedom. I really enjoyed the thrill of the risk.”

True Hollywood Talk: Why does this area of finance speak to you so powerfully?

Vesovski: There is a lot of new information they don’t teach us in school, so it provides a continuous opportunity to learn and absorb new information. You can’t win them all, but don’t let your losses discourage you  – learn from them and understand why they happened so you don’t make the same mistake. Never feel like you missed your opportunity because new ones come all the time. My journey was full of ups and downs and I enjoyed each part. 

True Hollywood Talk: Did you ever have that “oops” moment, where you now look back and laugh, thinking “I’m glad that happened?”

Vesovski: Of course. I recall purchasing a penny stock and the company that was issuing shares didn’t have a website or any information I could learn more from. There were no reports from industry analysts, or anyone talking on messaging forums. The lesson I learned here involved market pricing – just because it’s cheap, doesn’t mean you’re going to make money from it. I lost quite a bit of money thinking I was going to get rich overnight. Lose that mentality.

True Hollywood Talk: What was most exciting about your journey in building such a vast professional network?

Louis Vesovski: You never know who you’re going to meet or where it will take you. It was the unknown factor for me that I found most exciting. I was able to learn a lot of different things, always getting different perspectives, being taken to new places and working on projects with lots of great individuals. 

True Hollywood Talk: As a rising entrepreneur, what advice would you give to your colleagues looking to start their entrepreneurial / investment journey?

Vesovski: Anything is possible, so don’t allow anyone to talk you out of your dreams. You will lose a lot of “friends,” accompanied by many sleepless nights, and run into roadblocks – but as long as you work hard and never give up, you will always find your way.

True Hollywood Talk: Back in July, you launched your YouTube channel. Can you tell us about the launch?

Vesovski: My YouTube channel is self-named and reflects my journey in life. I created the channel to help encourage people my age to be who they are and to not be afraid of who they are. You should never be afraid to put yourselves out there. The type of content I will be posting is my version of reality and how I live my life. It’s more of a lifestyle and entertainment channel.  

The growing influence of social media platforms today allows people like Vesovski to express themselves in ways they never thought possible. “The ability to promote your brand and reach large numbers of people across the world with a click of a button is groundbreaking,” he explained. “My favorite platform is Instagram, because you have the ability to keep your community updated in a way that doesn’t require a lot of time. A quick photo with a caption can say a million words.”

You can follow Louis on Instagram at @louisvesovski and his YouTube channel here.


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