How Brandon Elliott Offers Credit Education While Creating A 6-Figure Automated Walmart Store

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Top 100 in Finance of 2020, Brandon is a leading authority in real estate and credit. He is experienced and has proven results utilizing credit to invest in real estate and implement the “BRRRR Strategy.” Brandon owns several thriving businesses that include real estate, credit repair, tradelines company, Walmart Automation Stores, private mentorships that include high profile students like former NFL player Dean Rogers, Terry Thayer, and Nick Perry. Brandon’s real estate portfolio has 20+ plus doors which consist of residential multifamily that is 2,3, and 4 units. Currently, Brandon just acquired a duplex and is doing a ground-up construction, adding 2 ADU’s in the back turning into another 4-Plex. Being able to be financially free and witnessing the abundance of opportunities that both credit and real estate has given him, Brandon is passionate about helping others do the same which led him to host a weekly podcast called “Ready. Set. Go. REI” sharing how to invest in real estate successfully with little to no money in various strategic ways every Monday. From the credit knowledge taught in “Credit Counsel Elite,” Brandon was able to liquidate over $200K for a safety net when purchasing a 4-PLEX in one of the most desirable locations in San Diego during the pandemic. 

Leveraging Credit

Almost a decade ago, Brandon was working two W2 jobs back to back while learning everything he could on real estate investing on any platform he could get his hands on for two years. With saving just $35,000 and utilizing credit, Brandon was able to purchase his first rental property in June 2015 then never stopped ever since. Through this process, Brandon realized the many benefits of leveraging credit. By using credit cards to purchase and remodel properties, you will be able to protect yourself from bad contractors and as a bonus, be able to earn enough points for amazing rewards such as free vacations, free hotel stays, free upgrades like to presidential suites or luxury rental cars, and even free flights! Being able to be financially free and witnessing the abundance of opportunities that both credit and real estate have given him, Brandon is passionate about helping others do the same. Through his company, Credit Counsel Elite, Brandon shares more than 6-figures worth of credit education such as building business and personal credit up to 7-figures, manufactured spending techniques, creating millions of points equivalent to cash, free travel hacks, high-status matching, and even showing you how to purchase multifamilies using credit cards. What makes Brandon’s credit education unique is that he breaks it down into four pillars: Educate, fix, build, and leverage to get you on the fastest track to success. 

Creating 6-Figures Automated Walmart Stores

Once you have all these credit lines, start putting them to work just like a bank would. One option would be creating a Walmart Automated Store because it is completely hands-off and an e-commerce online shopping which is growing every day from its simplified convenience. These are low-ticket investments to get started with high odds of generating multiple 6-figures and the best part is having someone else do it all for you which will now give you the freedom to do what you enjoy or be with those you love whenever. With Amazon being highly saturated with over 10 million sellers and if you haven’t been building a successful store online for over 5 years, then your Amazon store won’t stand a chance plus have very low margins. With Walmart being available for the average everyday seller, the margins are a lot higher as there are only 100,000 sellers currently so jumping on now will give you a top priority as opposed to those jumping in later. Similar to Amazon, you want to start sooner than later to build a track record. Brandon has helped several Walmart Automation clients hit their goals of $10K profit per month in passive income. 


Through the education Brandon Elliott offers within Credit Counsel Elite, his goal is to help educate as many people as possible. He believes it’s important to understand how the banks are judging us, how to fix or improve your own credit very fast, build multiple 6- figures of new funding, and even up to seven figures of funding within business credit. Afterward, Brandon teaches his students how to put their new funding to work either in real estate deals, Walmart Automation Stores or even start and scale their new business to help all of his students hit financial freedom.

To learn more about building and leveraging business credit or improving your score, reach out to Brandon: 

Text “Credit” to (609) 231-9018



Instagram: @BrandonElliottInvestments


Podcast: t/id1341397059?mt=2



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