With All Of These Fake Social Media Guru’s, It’s Tough To Know Whom You Should Follow When It Comes To Growing Your Business; Here’s How Real Business Owners Kale Goodman and Trevor Cowley Are Helping Real Business Owners


When you want to grow your business online and offline, Social Media Experts or Gurus can help you. However, it’s not easy to find the expert to listen to. There are some truths that some of these experts wouldn’t want to reveal to you. First of all, business success is not guaranteed. You may follow all the experts out there but still fail. This is because their business model could be different from yours. If you copied their policies, you might end up failing. Secondly, what some social media gurus may be sharing in their posts and podcasts, may not be exactly what they practice in their businesses. Some subscribe to the fake it till make it notion. Imagine the damage you’d do by following the advice from someone who is faking their success in order to try to get clients/customers.

This is why Kale Goodman and Trevor Cowley started an Instagram page by the name @RealBusinessOwners to help curb this problem. The “Real Business Owners” podcast has tools, resources, and information aimed at helping businesses at all stages, from startups to well-established companies. They have gained over 60k followers within eight months and continuing to grow at a rapid pace. The rapid growth is due to Kale and Trevor giving real, raw and relevant information that can be the difference between failure and success for entrepreneurs. So who are these guys and what is their background? Below is a brief bio of both of them and the success they’ve had in their individual and partnership businesses.

Kale Goodman and Trevor Cowley at a Glance

Kale Wesley Goodman is a real business owner and partner in five businesses. He has a passion for growing personally and professionally while helping other businesses grow too. Kale Goodman came from humble beginnings due to his father owning a struggling construction business. Due to his father’s lack of financial responsibility, unpaid taxes resulted in the IRS coming in and taking everything from them. They levied business and personal bank accounts and even garnished his mom’s paychecks after she decided to find a job. This obviously created an unstable financial situation in the household. He remembers thinking as a young kid “Why would anybody want to be a business owner?”

He became a parent while still in High School and ended up dropping out. He hustled, trying to make ends meet, moving from job to job until he found a sales job at an accounting firm which gave him the confidence to eventually go out on his own. 

After 3 years of being a top sales rep at this firm, he started his first business at the age of 23 and achieved much success. Easier Accounting is one of his most successful businesses, which drove him to launch Real Business Owners together with Trevor Cowley. His passion for personal growth and business development is because he always wanted a better life for him and his family. 

Trevor Cowley came from a low-income family, but he didn’t allow this to limit him in life. He didn’t do well in school which lead to him not being able to graduate on time with his classmates due to lack of credits. Shortly after high school, he ended up running with the wrong crowd and became a full-blown drug addict for four years. After getting cleanTrevor got a job as a Sales Agent. He worked his way up to making 120k at his job and managed to save money by living a “below your means” lifestyle, living in a cheap townhouse and driving a 3k car without an AC for years. This allowed him to save a lot of money and he did so knowing he wanted to become an entrepreneur one day. When the company was working for was about to collapse, he invested his money and became in charge of daily operations. The business he bought into lost 200k the previous year and his first year in the operations role it was a 700k turnaround. 

From a Sales Agent to Business owner, 7 years down the line, he is now partnered with Kale on all five business and the companies combined revenue is now over $10 million with Easier Accounting being the most successful. They decided to replicate their success for other companies through their content with Real Business Owners podcast as well as their  Instagram account. 

Real Business Owners

Kale and Trevor met 17 years ago when they were both working as Sales Agents for the same company. They worked together for about a year and eventually went separate ways before partnering up in their current business ventures. It may surprise you that they own an accounting firm but aren’t accountants. As entrepreneurs, they had a tough time finding a good accounting firm that would communicate well and get them the data they needed to better operate their businesses. They decided to solve their own problem and start their own firm, their sole focus is to teach their accountants how to serve business owners the way they deserve to be served. 

Besides having much success in business, Trevor and Kale are also an authority on social media. They’ve learned how to leverage Facebook and Instagram to generate more leads for their companies. 

The Real Business Owners podcast is meant to help other businesses reach the levels that Kale and Trevor have achieved, and even go further. Based on their background and success in various businesses, you can rest assured that these are the mentors you need for your business. It doesn’t matter at which level your Business is; Real Business Owners have tools, resources, and information gathered by real business owners, Kale and Trevor. Join them at @RealBusinessOwners on Instagram. Start learning from real business owners and share in their journey of Business growth.


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