Freaky Deaky: A Halloween Weekend To Remember

Freaky Deaky
Photo Credit: Oh Dag Yo Photo

2021 has been a pretty solid year for Disco Donnie Events. From putting on the fantastical Ubbi Dubbi Festival back in April while simultaneously holding the title of bringing the “First Festival Back”, to increasing more weekly shows and festivals such as Sunset Music Festival, this man never catches a break! As we are closely approaching the holidays, we can’t help back but look back on the madness that the DD team brought us on Halloween weekend. Once again, Disco Donnie and his team wowed us over with this year’s bigger and improved, Freaky Deaky Music Festival

The Freaky Deaky Music Festival is a two-day electronic dance music event that took place at the Houston Raceway in Baytown, Texas, which is about 30-minutes east of Houston. As festival-goers from across the country dressed in countless costumes and came together to experiment with devilish and nastiest drops, the race track was filled with spooky vibes. Everyone could find their own personal spice in the mix, from dubstep and hardstyle to house and techno. 

Freaky Deaky Music

There were four stages at Freaky Deaky this year: The Shrine, which was the mainstage featuring top-notch producers like Excision, deadmau5, and Zeds Dead; The Crypt, featuring the toughest of the bass scene like 12th Planet, Dirt Monkey, and Adventure Club; The Haunted Hollow, featuring all-star house producers like Claude VonStroke, SIDEPIECE, and Green Velvet; and The Boneyard, featuring both techno and hardstyle aliases like Paco Osuna, Lady Faith, and Matador. The Crypt also hosted some epic B2B’s like Boogie T and Dirt Monkey, and 12th Planet and Riot Ten. Overall, every stage featured a wide variety of drops and basslines throughout the festive haunted weekend. 

Freaky Deaky
The Crypt Stage at Freaky Deaky; Photo Credit: Tyler Church

Freaky Deaky Production & Vibe

The Freaky Deaky vibe this year was like no other. Everyone that we had come across was extremely welcoming and polite, especially during crowd control. There were times where The Crypt, the bass stage, would become a little too packed, making it hard for festival-goers to move in and out of the crowd. However, because there were hardly any rude pushers and shovers, it was already easily manageable to leave the crowd from the back when needed. 

Can we also talk about the festival’s production for a minute? All of Freaky Deaky’s music, visual, and physical production exceeded our expectations. From a freaky haunted house to crisp and detailed sound projection, it was indeed satisfying. Our only concern was that at times when standing in the back of the crowd at The Shrine or Haunted Hollow, one could hear sound bleed from another stage. Other than that, there weren’t any problems with sound feedback. The visuals for the performances were also unbelievably captivating and poignant. Artists who have to take the cake with the most stimulating visuals of the weekend go to TroyBoi at The Shrine, LSDream at The Crypt, and Excision when he closed the weekend off at The Shrine. Their visuals specifically provided a range of colorful and mesmerizing patterns that aligned with their sets so perfectly. 

Freaky Deaky
LSDream performing at The Crypt at Freaky Deaky; Photo Credit: Oh Dag Yo Photo

Overall, the Freaky Deaky Music Festival was an exceedingly remarkable Halloween festival to attend. Disco Donnie’s festivals always go above and beyond with top-of-the-line festival production and creative new ideas that always blow festival-goers away. Now, we’re just eagerly waiting for the Ubbi Dubbi Festival to come around the corner, where you can buy tickets here