Joy—The Light of Love: Find Out How to Tap Into the Powerful Energy of Joy with Kelley Cunningham


Everyone loves to feel a surge of joy; perhaps it’s a happy moment or a recent celebration that gives you an inner euphoric feeling. Joy is a natural high everyone deserves to tap into more often, instead of being a state we only experience on rare occasions. Kelley Cunningham believes joy is the light of love, and joy releases light of love out into the world. Thus, whenever we spread love, we will inevitably receive a beam of joy back at us. Hinging on this belief, she has dedicated herself to helping others realize that joy is part and parcel of our everyday lives. At present, she is on a mission to help people connect with their powerful energy of joy to create the life we have always dreamed of, the life we all deserve.

Kelley is a certified professional life coach. She partners with clients to find solutions in achieving success and is the chief joy officer and owner of  JoyINC, a solution-based company. When she was faced with adversities, she discovered an inner warrior spirit—a warrior who possesses the innate ability to self-direct her destiny and design her very own happily ever after. Kelley believes that you have the same inner warrior and can define success in your life by simply taking the time to learn how to tap into your powerful energy of joy. 

Let Joy Light Your Spirit to Realign You Back to Your Path to Discover Your Passions 

You might be feeling lost in life like everything is spiraling out of control. However, specific pathways can lead you back to your original blueprint, the dreams that were placed in your heart. Though it is difficult to get past your previous failures, wounded egos, and greatest fears, you owe it to yourself to take the time to heal, and you most definitely deserve a new opportunity to try again. Release past regrets and remember that only you can act on your dreams no matter how far off track you’ve drifted. 

Kelley’s new book, THE POWER OF JOY, outlines six primary pathways to channel the powerful energy of joy: faith, love, harmony, gratitude,  peace, and happiness, wherein each entity has a unique relationship and can directly connect us with the energy of joy. Here are a few tips to understanding how to add more joy to your life:


One simple way of awakening joy in your everyday life is by adding the element of harmony. Kelley encourages us that each interpersonal interaction in life has potential for harmony even when it isn’t always the goal. We learn to maneuver through such relationships without allowing them to influence our thoughts. Of course, this sounds simple, but it can be very tricky trying to balance out all the disharmony in the world. In extreme cases, it might even trick you into believing you don’t deserve harmony at all, especially when it seems like there is so much negativity and hatred everywhere you turn. It’s simply not true! 

Begin with balance. Balance is an essential part of maintaining a healthy, happy life. Adding moments of joy to your life balances the sorrows and troubles that try their hardest to create discontentment in our spirit via stress, anxiety, and feelings of lack. Joy, in essence, adds an element of harmony to strengthen your spirit—a strengthening tool you can access in all seasons of your life. Joy and harmony go hand-in-hand in lifting your life to new levels. 

Kelley articulates this well when she says in her upcoming book that “living in harmony takes the idea of a balanced life to the next level.” Harmony is like bejeweling a balanced life,  lifting you to a higher frequency to experience the joyful moments in life you deserve and feeling the love in life we all seek. Even if that’s through self-love. Sometimes we are all we’ve got, and that’s enough. Cheer yourself on towards success in your life.


Love has many definitions; it encompasses so many strong emotions and ideas intertwined with profound interpersonal experiences and affections. Love awakens the energy of joy to generate a deep alliance between the two emotions. As such, leading with love can create balance and feelings of peace everywhere you go; love ignites a feeling of unity, understanding, and most importantly, respect—all primary attributes to creating a more peaceful world. 

A loving nature doesn’t mean we walk through life with blinders on; it’s actually quite the opposite of the well-known quote love is blind. Leading a life driven by loving interactions helps focus and highlight all the joys the world has to offer. We all seek love and approval, even if it’s by way of hate, which is driven by a disharmonious act and a direct reflection of an altered state of love. Manipulating the fine line between love and hate leaves little room for error and can quickly turn a harmonious act into much disharmony. 

Inner Peace

Inner peace is most certainly not the absence of struggle; it is the ability to establish a peaceful rhythm in your life despite disruption. Someone’s ability to keep calm amidst the chaos is very telling in how they connect with a sense of genuine peacefulness. Holding on to our inner peace in the stormy season of life exhibits immense strength for our spirit not to get stuck in the storm. So many of us let our fears stop us mid-storm and never escape the wreath of its destruction on our lives, leaving us in a perpetual state of stress not knowing how to activate an S.O.S.! However, the incredible thing about peaceful moments is that they are as unique as we are, so take time to honor yourself by taking mindful moments, perhaps even through simple meditation, to provide peace in your life. Kelley believes that the energy of joy and the feeling of peacefulness go hand-in-hand as distinct qualities. Together, the two forms an incredible duo, which can transform into an unstoppable force that propels a person’s inner power to soar.

Joy Is A Choice

Joy is always a choice that can be achieved anytime, anywhere. It adds a layer of love to strengthen your spirit and give you confidence. However, you need to stay determined to get through today and combat the chaos that pops up in the world. Joy can lift your spirits to offset the sorrows and adversities in life and make you stand stronger as a real warrior.  Kelley’s multilayers of abrupt adversity and tremendous life struggle uncovered many brilliant colors, steps, and strengths that lifted her spirit to shine even when no direct light of hope was present. She learned how to thrive in a state of survival, teaching her inner resilience. These significant life lessons have shaped her into one of the most coveted transformational coaches in the world and made her feel unstoppable. She wants to equip you with an indomitable spirit too! So strap on your warrior mindset and set your limits free—freedom is on the other side of fear.

Wrapping Up

Joy is indeed the light of love. Kelley has demonstrated this truth not only amidst the chaos in her life but also by sharing it in her writings. THE POWER OF JOY–The Ultimate Guide To Living Your Best Life Ever, the debut book of Kelley, is set to launch in early 2022. This book will lift you to soar through any obstacle that dares to try and slow you down. She encourages you to have a more intimate relationship with joy—the joy you deserve! 

Purchase Kelley’s new book, THE POWER OF JOY—The Ultimate Guide to Living Your Best Life Ever, and learn more helpful tips and tools to catapult your life journey to new levels—a journey with joy! A portion of the proceeds of her book will joyfully go towards supporting many nonprofit charities, including Joyful Children’s Home, a small orphanage Kelley and her husband Jeffery co-founded in Naibowa Parish, Uganda. Aside from that, some would be dedicated to advocating for the rights of all indigenous peoples across North America.

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