BLOND:ISH Announces Launch Of New Crypto-Social Token, $ISH

Photo Taken From BLOND:ISH's Facebook

BLOND:ISH, a DJ and music producer from Toronto, announced today the launch of her first cryptocurrency, $ISH a pivotal step in manifesting her vision to create a token-based ecosystem based on social currency. P00LS-the premier decentralized exchange for creator cryptocurrencies will be used to issue the tokens and distribute them in support of the concept of “Happy Happy World”, which is a part of BLOND:ISH’s metaverse vision. 

Vivie-Ann Bakos, aka. BLOND:ISH is a Canadian DJ, producer, and sustainability activist who has worked with numerous artists like Diplo, Depeche Mode, and Pete Tong. She has also performed at festivals like Coachella, Burning Man, and Ultra Music Festival. Besides her successful music career, she has also spoken at the Bitcoin Conference in her capacity as a crypto enthusiast. BLOND:ISH has built communities that have given the $ ISH token far more utility and value than the others in the space due to her music work, as well as being the founder of the ABCADABRA record label and her eco-activism and non-profit organization, Bye Bye Plastic. Now, through the introduction of the $ISH token, BLOND:ISH’s sub-communities will become active collaborators, enabling true ownership as founders and stakeholders.

With the $ISH token, you will have access to exclusive content from BLOND:ISH, including new music, unreleased edits & tracks, new merch, BLOND:ISH’s token-gated discord channels, and discounts on merchandise available for purchase here. $ISH token holders will also be able to purchase upcoming show tickets, as well as access to backstage passes and experiences during live shows and events. In addition, token holders will be able to benefit directly from her concerts. With the $ISH token, you’ll also gain unparalleled access to BLOND:ISH’s physical and virtual world. 

Blond:ISH runs through more details about $ISH, and describes how fans often tell her how much energy her music gives them. She explains how being an artist is more than just making music and playing it for a crowd, but how it’s also an exchange of energy. 

“My fans give so much, but they don’t receive nearly as much as they put in, so I wanted to find a way to make that energy tangible,” she says. “$ISH turns energy into a currency. In partnering with P00LS, our goal is to co-create a community governed by positive energy where everyone is incentivized to contribute because we all own it. Together we’ll build a ‘Happy Happy World’, where everyone is free, abundant, and empowered.” 

Although P00LS will officially launch $ISH in early 2022, participants on the P00LS platform will be able to start claiming claims now. You can find them here


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