Here Is Why You Need To Optimize The Onboarding Process For Your Customers


Do you want to address your customers’ loyalty issues? Or are your customers finding it difficult to find relevance in your services or products? Yes, you need to define how your products or services work while assimilating new clients’. This move will help you enjoy a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

The onboarding process is essential for any business to thrive. Why? Because it will help you achieve your established goals. Moreover, this process will help you grow your customer onboarding process while adjusting to their needs. It will also help you gather internal support as well as collect insights. Bernhard is at the forefront of advocating for the optimization of this process. But first, who exactly is Bernhard?

Bernhard Reiterer At A Glance

Bernhard Reiterer is the CEO of He is a pioneer in how humans and technology interact as identities. He is best referred to as the ambassador of privacy. Bernhard deals in customer conversions for all industries- seamless onboarding and compliance, making them as easy as Amazon one click. In better terms, Bernhard is a customer-value-focused entrepreneur with a background in business innovation for the financial industries. He has also launched several high user volume products and business lines. 

Prior to SignD, Bernhard built various business lines from scratch for his clients, i.e. a b2b payment business in Europe for Western Union, various prepaid and loyalty programs and the first mobile payment service in MENA and further ones in Asia and Europe. He has worked with high profiled clients including Google, MasterCard, VISA, Deutsche Bank, ICICI, Novomatic, National Banks in Europe and Asia, most of the largest retail banks in Europe, US and MENA, First Data, REWE-Group, Opera, Telefonica, O2, International Criminal Court, Deutsche Telekom delivering successes on 4 continents .

Optimize Your Customers Onboarding Process

  1. Establish Goals

Your goals should be aimed at new customers. The onboarding process will help you know when your customers sign up for your services or products and whether you meet your customers’ demand. In achieving this goal, you need to ask yourself, what do your customers consider a success?

  1. Grow Your Customer’s Onboarding Process

Setting goals for your business is a good thing. However, that is not enough. It would help if you grew your framework. In achieving this growth, you need to know what exact product or service you are offering. Why? Because different industries may require other onboarding processes.

  1. Understand & Adjust To Customers Needs

As an entrepreneur, one of the goals you aspire to achieve is; helping your clients successfully use your product/service. Hence every move you take in the workflow ought to be optimized. This will help achieve both the technical and aspirational needs. It is, therefore, reasonable to help your audience understand how to achieve and reach there. And guess what? The onboarding process is the vehicle they should board.

Is The Onboarding Process Important?

The onboarding process is essential. It is the entire process that users undergo when they start their journey as customers of your service or product. This process will require you to guide the user through the whole process. You will have to listen to their questions and concerns and respond to them accordingly. Also, consider the small steps needed during the process if you want to increase productivity. Time is another important factor during the onboarding process. It is preferred to be less than 60%. Your onboarding process will also help your new hires feel more valued, better understand their role, and increase their performance, resulting in increased engagement. Therefore the onboarding process will guide the user through the entire process. 

How Bernie Manages To Create An Effective Onboarding Experience 

  1. Know Your Customer (KYC)

Research has shown that you are likely to lose up to 75% of your new customers within the first week. It is therefore vital to know and understand your customers in-and-out. You may go the extra mile to find out what they are facing or what unique challenges they are going through. Understand the obstacles they face and the solutions you can offer. In the process of knowing your customer, you will have to set clear expectations in place. Emphasize the value of your services or products to your clients even before they do purchase. As you do all this, ensure you do not compromise your communication with the client. Stay connected with your customers always, and create customer-centric goals.

  1. Have a Plan

Bernie emphasizes the need to have a plan before rolling out the entire process. Therefore, when your customers accept your offer, start the process even before they arrive. In the process, you will know more about your customers as they learn about your business or company. In conclusion, Bernie is an evangelist of the digital era. He is an expert in humans and technology, and he combines his expertise to bring the best experience in the process. For more information, you can connect with Bernie here.


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