How OFENBACH Is Dominating The Dance Music Scene


César & Dorian, aka. OFENBACH is a French electronic duo whose technology influences the dance music world. As they hold about two billion streams globally and 15-million Spotify, subscribers, you can already imagine that they have some smashing hits under their belt. 

With a hit single, ‘Head Shoulders Knees and Toes,’, OFENBACH has made it to the top 10 positions in countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands. Among their other achievements are #11 on the European Airplay chart, #2 on the French Airplay chart, a spot in the Top 30 on the Global Shazam Chart, and #6 on the Shazam chart in France. In addition to appearing on playlists such as “Today’s Top Hits” and “Pop Rising”, the duo has also achieved Platinum and Gold status in a variety of markets and amassed over 440 Million streams. 

César & Dorian are now back with a new collaboration with the British singer, Ella Henderson, titled ‘Hurricane’. ‘Hurricane’ emerges as an undeniable smashing hit after the summer is over to cause a storm on dancefloors and party playlists everywhere. Ella Henderson’s captivating vocals give the song all the hallmarks of an OFENBACH classic, as the trio creates the perfect dance-pop tune. 

In a press release, the duo explains, “We absolutely adore Ella’s voice and we are thrilled that we finally got to work with her after being a fan of her music for so long. Her vocals are perfect for ‘Hurricane’ and we can’t wait to perform this song all over the world together.” 

We also had an amazing opportunity to talk more about ‘Hurricane’ with the duo themselves, as well as how they work well together musically and show/tour life. You can read our exclusive Q&A down below:

THT: What was the inspiration behind ‘Hurricane’ and how did the vocals factor into the production process?

“We always wanted to create a massive pop/dance anthem. With a big chorus that still sounds like us. Ella’s voice really took the record to the next level. She has such a powerful voice. When we listened to the first demos with her, we knew right away she was going to do something great.”

THT: Can you highlight your favorite element in ‘Hurricane’ and why it stands out?  

“We love the song as a whole. But the chorus and drop parts are really what stand out for us. First, the topline and Ella’s voice are lifting the track up, and then there’s this drop where we put the guitar sound that has been our signature since a few singles already. We’re happy we could match what we had in mind when writing the song with what our sound usually is.”

Listen to ‘Hurricane’ below:

THT: Can you take us all the way back and tell me how you both got started with a career in music? How did you two find each other? 

“We’ve been friends for a very long time, now. We first met in school and then played in rock bands together when we were teenagers. So doing music was always a thing for us. At some point we wanted to try something different, and figured out dance music could be combined with our rock influences.”

THT: What do you think makes you both such a good fit together sound-wise?

“First we play different instruments. César is playing Keyboards and Dorian the Guitar. So when songwriting, it’s always a good match. And second, we like to bounce back ideas, so having someone else to get fresh feedback on what you’ve just done is always a plus.”

THT: Out of all of the shows y’all have performed at around the world, what is the most unique thing that you’ve seen another performer/artist do at a show or music festival that caught your eye?

“When it comes to other artist performances, we usually go to shows that are a bit outside of the genre we’re working in. We have great memories of AC/DC shows!”

THT: How do you deal with the peaks and valleys of a music career and what keeps you going? 

“Peaks and valleys are part of a music career. The best way to deal with it is to look at the overall trend and keep your eyes on the prize.”

THT: What has y’all excited as we look into the rest of the year? Any upcoming plans you want to let the readers know?

“We’re planning a tour in the US by the end of the year, and that gets us really excited. After a bit more than a year without shows, we had the chance to tour Europe quite a lot during summer. So coming back to the US is something we put all our energy on right now.”

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