Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion


Does it feel like christmas already? Well this holiday season there’s a great film that will get you feeling like it’s the season. Called Christmas Family Reunion and starring Michelle Argyris, Alonzo B. Slater and Asia’h Epperson, It’s a story of Event planner Amy (Argyris) helps rising singer Tiffanie Christmas (Epperson) plan her holiday family reunion.

The movie’s plot is about a Plucky, perfectionist, event planner Amy Kessler(michelle argyris) has just lost her first big event design gig when she’s pushed out from her firm just before the holidays. Down on her luck and unsure what to do next, Amy suddenly runs into rising star songstress Tiffanie Christmas( asia’h epperson) the same person whose reunion event she was hoping to get hired on. Amy wins Tiffanie over with her love of design and holiday whimsy, and Tiffany decides Amy is in fact the only person for the impervious task of bringing her family’s ten-year holiday reunion to life. When Tiffanie’s cute but stubborn photographer cousin Calvin Christmas played by Alonzo B. Slater shows up at the first planning meeting instead of Tiffany, Amy worries that planning the reunion will be more complicated than she thought.

However, this film marks the second big role for up and coming talent Alonzo B. Slater who Truehollywoodtalk thinks will be the next big breakout star in Hollywood. We are so excited to see this film and hope you guys are too!


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