iTEKT’s Nanotech Liquid Protection is Invisible to the Naked Eye And Yet Shields Against Shatters & Scratches


In the last ten years, significant efforts have been made to develop ultra-high-performance Nanocoatings. One such Nano coating technology is mobile liquid protection. This is where a Nano-scale layer of molecular, particle-free glass (500 times thinner than a human hair) is put onto the surface of the substrate. Smart coatings or also known as liquid glass is a truly remarkable, nanotechnology, designed to protect both industrial and domestic surfaces, with an ultrathin super durable layer of invisible, easy to clean glass.

iTEKT introduces the Ultimate in Screen Protection, by bundling their newest industry best wipe-on protective smart coating. Designed and formulated specially to protect smartphones and mobile device screens. Once correctly applied, iTEKT’s liquid glass creates a seamless-bond to any mobile device screen at the Nano level, which will significantly reduce screen surface scratches, screen-breaks due to an unexpected drop and can even reduce rain moisture from getting through on mobile devices that don’t offer water resistance. 

How Nanotechnology Works

Nanotechnology comprises tiny molecules that bond to create a micro liquid-glass layer surface over glass surfaces. They are invisible to the naked eye but are there to protect your surfaces from abrasions and scratches. Since they are interconnected so tightly, they prevent water from passing through, which makes the surface hydrophobic or water repellent. At the same time, the molecular structures are so tight it prevents germs from entering, repels oil and dirt, making your surface oleophobic.

iTEKT’s liquid glass is a super durable, completely transparent non-toxic, eco-friendly silicon dioxide (SiO2) based protective smart coating that replaces the need for a traditional screen protector. 

The main ingredient is sand, silicon dioxide. Sand is compressed at the molecular level. When it dries, the liquid creates an ultra-thin glass layer of 0.0004 mm, acting like a good shield utterly invisible to the eye and the touch. It’s the most flexible and the most resistant protection on the market. It perfectly bonds with the screen of your glass. Since it is made from natural ingredients, iTEKT’s mobile liquid protection is safe for the environment.

How Liquid-Based Technology Protects against Shatters & Scratches

When viewed under a microscope, a glass surface is not smooth. It is full of valleys and ridges, which can become points of weakness when exposed to external stress through blunt force impact. When iTEKT’s liquid glass is applied, the glass particles in the smart coating bond to the device’s screen (substrate), and in so doing, they fill in these valleys. iTEKT’s innovation has an ASTM lab approval from that proves the liquid glass from increases a screen’s scratch resistance by 74%.

The glass particles in iTEKT’s smart coating, are suspended in a solvent and applied by embedding the glass particles onto the glass substrate by wiping or spraying. The solvent then evaporates, and the glass particles remain. This smart coating layer causes a smoothing out effect on the glass, which significantly reduces the points of weakness. As a result, the hardness of the coated glass increases with a corresponding increase in durability.

Why You Should Use iTEKT’s Mobile Liquid Protection

iTEKT’s liquid glass fully bonds within 24 hours, but devices can be used within 30 minutes. If appropriately applied, liquid protection creates a protective glass layer to increase screen hardness to H9 Spec. The kind of nanotechnology that iTEKT uses is highly durable, withstanding over 20,000 wipe actions, and can last up to two years under regular use. The fact that they have increased water and oil resistance means that once the liquid glass is applied, the screen is much more resistant to dirt, smearing, and fingerprints. The Liquid Screen Shield protects against scratches, bacteria, water spills, and dust. The Liquid Screen Shield goes on crystal clear and will not affect the sensitivity of your device, unlike regular screen protectors that create awful air bubbles.

If you love your mobile, get the ITEKT protection solution. It will provide you with the additional layer of security coverage you need for your device. iTEKT also offers an optional warranty of $100 or 200 towards the replacement of your mobile screen.

Rest assured, iTEKT’s smart coatings are colorless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Once applied to any smartphone screen, it is entirely undetectable by the human eye or to the touch, which is the bases for all Nanotechnologies.


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