Kevin Wessels of RevSherpas, Client Connect!™ Formula Guarantees a 200% Return-On-Investment


The promises of return on investment are always part of the deal. Several recipients of these investments guarantee you 100% return. We can do better. What if I told you that you can double that?

The Client Connect!™ formula will guide you through the proven and time-tested business breakthrough strategies that will drastically increase your returns two-fold. Kevin Wessels, Founder and Managing Director of RevSherpas LLC, created this internationally proven and proprietary system for the purpose of revenue growth acceleration via strategic marketing, sales, and customer service transformations and process improvement that drive business results quickly and inexpensively.

200% is not a stretch

In the business world, you can always exceed your previous expectations with the right strategies for the right target market at the right time. Experience adds to credibility and credibility attracts experience. Kevin Wessels has over 10 years of revenue growth acceleration consulting experience scaling global companies. He is also a multi-published author, and his specialties include building client-centric company cultures, improving sales and service rep productivity, increasing client retention, and revitalizing underperforming marketing. With professional knowledge of the inner workings of client attraction and relationship management behavior, 200% ROI is absolutely obtainable.

How fast can I earn?

With the correct system in which you run your business, you can earn earlier and more than you ever imagined. With a business growth advisor and sales and marketing strategist, you can uncover untapped revenues, expand your profit potential, and hasten your upward trajectory. In just a span of 60 days, Kevin Wessels can teach you how to set up systems that can generate all the leads and clients you can handle. These are achievable with profitable revenue acceleration strategies, including market dominating brand positioning, pricing optimization, sales process simplification and standardization, client retention and reactivation, and a DIY membership for a small business growth online training academy. The goal and ensuing result is to help turn around your underperforming marketing and lead generation strategies so you can double revenues and create more consistent cash flow in any economy.

Strategic consultations shouldn’t have to be expensive

As a business growth advisor and sales and marketing strategist, Kevin Wessels works with all sorts of companies across a multitude of industries including small businesses that have little to no allocated funds for marketing or advertising. Paramount to his consulting methodology is how you can gather clients and leads without having to spend an additional dime on marketing. His consulting practice provides entrepreneurs with innovative insights, strategies, and frameworks that are usually only reserved for large global enterprises and delivered by higher-end (and high-costing) management consulting firms. Instead of having your strategic engagement be staffed by junior, unqualified resources who are trying to gain experience at your expense, work with us instead. You won’t get bounced from department to department or experience high project team turnover due to subpar performance.  In short, you’ll work directly and closely with Kevin and benefit from a personalized level of attention and service and receive fast-track results at a fraction of the price of larger consulting firms.

If you are interested in the business diagnostic and revenue/profit growth acceleration consulting services we offer, you can contact Kevin Wessels through:




Phone Number: 8005691374 

Physical Mailing Address: RevSherpas LLC 5233 Bellaire Boulevard, Suite B 351, Bellaire, TX 77401


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