Learn How Millions Of Patients Are Getting Better Healthcare Experience With Review Wave Founder Matt Prados


Every healthcare professional wants to retain their existing patients and get new patients. Like any other entrepreneur, healthcare providers are implementing activities that will keep their patients coming back. High patient retention means patients tend to return to the healthcare provider and continue to avail the provider’s services. The more patient you can keep who will continue to patronize your healthcare services, the higher revenue you will get.

Review Wave founder Matt Prados said that many patients are unhappy at the doctor’s office. Consequently, many healthcare professionals have difficulty retaining their existing patients and enticing new patients. But healthcare professionals no longer need to be anxious. Matt has developed software that helps solve those problems. His software company, Review Wave, is the leading platform reputation management provider and review marketing for chiropractors, doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals.

The Value Of Healthcare Experience
Matt used technology to automate specific health care processes to provide a better service to patients. “If you want to keep your existing patients and get new ones, the best solution is improving their healthcare experience,” he said.

“We all had good doctors or unpleasant bedside manners. And that is not a great experience. We also had not the greatest doctors but with great bedside manner. Once again, it does not lead to a good outcome. That is why we developed the software. We want to help doctors and other healthcare professionals who are on the top of their field to be better with the personal side of healthcare,” Matt narrated.

As a great writer once said, “people tend to forget what you did or what you said; however, they will always recall how you made them feel.” For Matt, the quote encompasses the value of creating a better healthcare experience for the patients. “Patients are people. And most people tend to spend more money on an experience. A better experience resulted in happy patients, and happy patients will continue to patronize your clinic,” he continued.

The founder of Review Wave pointed out that the role of their software is to enhance the patient experience.

Automation Is The Key
Matt viewed that improving healthcare using technology will make things more personal. However, most entrepreneurs do not see it that way. “Many entrepreneurs hesitate to go automated because they have a misconception. They usually reason out that they do not want to automate their business because of the notion that it is not personal,” he explained.

Matt emphasized that when they failed to automate, it brought inconvenience to their patients. Patients are unhappy at the doctor’s office because of the difficulty setting an appointment and the multiple pages of form they need to fill out before they get checked by a doctor. The inconvenience can create a bad impression that can lead to lower patient retention.

“These business owners and healthcare providers fail to realize that the more they could automate those nonpersonal things in their business, the more they become personal the rest of the time. You do not have to be personal in scheduling an appointment or filling out the forms. You can automate those business processes and focus on the more personal aspect of your business,” Matt shared.

The software company founder asserted that automation could make it easier for the existing patient to transact with healthcare providers. It will make a better patient experience that will give them more positive reviews from their patients. Positive reviews are essential in building a good reputation, which eventually, entice new patients to tap their services.

Success In Improving Healthcare Experience
“Our software is all about providing convenience to patients. We intentionally made it easier to use,” Matt.

The entrepreneur revealed that their online scheduling app had become the most sought-after tool in their marketing automation toolbox. Since it is a 24/7 scheduling app, it is easier for new patients to book appointments with their doctors or chiropractors anytime, anywhere. Meanwhile, existing patients can now book or reschedule follow-up appointments through the app at any time of the day.

Matt said that the online scheduling app helped reduce inbound calls by 70% and resulted in lesser no-shows and cancellations, which significantly impacted a business’s bottom line. “We are also elated on the positive reviews that our mobile app is getting on the mobile app store. Some patients expressed their delight on the app, allowing them to visit their doctors because scheduling appointments is hassle-free frequently. It showed that our software is making a difference in the lives of many people,” he added.

Matt is proud to announce that their software actively engages with 10 million people to improve their healthcare. “Our software is a marketing automation platform that includes mobile apps, embed codes for online scheduling, and automated campaigns. But its impact goes beyond streamlining business processes. We never foresee that it will be instrumental in helping tens of millions of patients in keeping track of their health conditions,” he said with excitement.

For healthcare providers, Matt’s automation software turned them into providers of the excellent patient experience. Now, they are getting more reviews. Many of them started getting new patients online for the first time in their entire careers because of their reputation. One healthcare professional shared that he began with Review Wave only in 2019 and got good results with at least 300 new patients that year. But it got better the following year when he registered over 400 new patients even though he does not have any external marketing effort.

Learn how to automate your healthcare business to create a better patient experience with Review Wave founder Matt Prados by visiting https://www.reviewwave.com/.


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