Gloss Reps Onboards Photographer Wilson Hennessy


gloss reps, premiere LA agency at the forefront of automotive photography, announces the newest artist in their ranks: award-winning photographer Wilson Hennessy.

Wilson Hennessy is a conceptual still life and automotive photographer whose pop art dynamics are making people think twice about the products he shoots. His long list of past clients includes major brands like Samsung, Google, Coca-Cola, Canon, Nike, Gillette, Nissan, and Toyota. gloss reps will provide Hennessy with US representation.

“Wilson Hennessy is a major addition to our roster of top tier talent, and we are thrilled to promote his work. If you’ve seen his photography, you’ll understand why. Product and automotive photography don’t always bring a smile to your face, but Wilson Hennesy’s work is gratifyingly vibrant. It’s playful, inventive and smart, and speaks a language that everybody understands. The playfulness extends through into his motion and animation work. He brings with him an excellent reputation within the industry,” says Holger Kurt Ward, founder and Head of Talent at gloss reps.

“Product photography has been changing so much, and it’s only getting more fun, more colorful, as exciting contemporary movements permeate the design space. And there are so many great brands reflecting that. It’s great to find a group like gloss reps who truly has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening. They bring art back into the world of commercial design, and that’s exactly what I’m about. I’m delighted to work with more American clients through gloss reps, and to be joining the ranks of such excellent photographers,” says Wilson Hennessy.

Wilson Hennessy joins a suite of hot photographers pushing the envelope in the fast moving world of design like Jonathan Schule, Tomek Olszowski, and Dejan and Per, whom gloss reps currently represents.

gloss reps is the representation arm of Gloss Retouching, a one stop design studio that renders magazine ready automotive photography for major brands around the world. gloss reps is their pandemic-era pivot to give back to the artists they work with, and to create a more sustainable creative industry that’s compatible with remote working.

Booking inquiries for Wilson Hennessy in the United States can go to Holger Kurt Ward.

About gloss reps
The automotive industry boasts some of the hottest commercial photographers working today, and gloss reps represents them. Our artists go beyond the sharp eye and attention to detail that are entry level in the digital age. They bring a sense of artistic panache to give your photoshoot personality, and make it one of a kind. gloss reps is a subsidiary of Gloss Retouching, the Los Angeles and New York based design studio originally cofounded in Germany by Holger Kurt Ward. 

About Wilson Hennessy
As an Australian photographer working in London, Wilson Hennessy brings a sense of devil-may-care playfulness to his photography. He’s manufactured in-studio clouds for Nissan, built a two foot wide razor for Gillette, and turned pop legend George Michael into a rubber duck, all for the sake of the shot. His approach is hands on for the entire creative process, from beginning sketches to final product. Wilson Hennessy’s list of past clients includes major international brands like Samsung, Google, Coca-Cola, Canon, Nike, Gillette, Nissan, and Toyota.

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