Patrick Tucker Shares His Rich Yet Diverse, Corporate & Financial Advisory Background


When you work with a business coach, you are constantly encouraged to do your best for yourself and your clients. Choosing the right coach is critical.  You have to make sure you take the time to provide a well thought out plan for your clients. In a time where there are ‘coaches’ whose ultimate goal is to mint money out of their clients’ accounts, finding someone who genuinely cares and thinks about benefiting you is rare. People like Patrick Tucker are rare, they   restore our faith in coaches and advisors. 

Meet Patrick Tucker, founder and CEO of True Measure Wealth Management. Patrick tuckers, along with his wealth management firm, have over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Placing Tucker as one of our country’s most successful Financial Advisor with an extremely diverse client base. He has helped wealthy individuals, couples, and entrepreneurs manage their finances in all walks of life and wealth, where finance intersects. When he started in the financial planning services, he quickly realized that the industry was leaning towards sales and salesmanship, rather than genuine financial knowledge…

After switching to a paid practice 15 years ago, including a job in a local bank where he worked with well-known companies, he found a simple, easy, and elegant way to work as a business owner. Patrick always knew he wanted to give to society. With his refined Financial Management skills, he got more intrigued into pursuing it as a career and later on to help people become money aware. “There is more than one way to serve people, and in financial services, there are a lot of ways to serve people. I’m a money guy, a financial person. Early on in my financial services life, I got into this side to serve the people make better decisions, choices, and things with their money.”, shared Patrick. 

Why is Patrick Tucker different from other Wealth Management professionals?

The industry is currently densely populated with giant firms offering financial services just like Patrick does, but what makes him different is his approach and quick adaptation to situations. When the pandemic striked, he didn’t wait or lose any time in taking his classes online. Since the world was struggling with an economic crisis, he made sure that he makes himself and his courses accessible to as many people as possible. 

Patrick has always been an ardent learner, and his can-do attitude has helped him grow early in his career. “I quickly dissected the competition with the programs I worked with. And figured out how to ‘hack’ / manipulate the competition grid.”, says him. Patrick evaluated and studied the market in-depth and blended his services in a way that caters to all the needs of a person while benefiting with good margins. He threads the needle in a way that he soon established his advisory firm that’s earning huge profits, flourishing well in the market, and giving back to the community as well.

Patrick shares his knowledge with the industry and hopes to educate people in the same profession. Patrick is passionate about mentoring financial advisors on free enterprise issues and shares his acquired knowledge and wisdom with those who wish to take care of finances like himself. He has always been optimistic, and his vision has made him help over 10,000 people up till now, and his online programs are a hit amongst people of all walks of life who are willing to learn money mastery. 

What clients really need in their wealth management coach

There are so many firms in the business of selling, manufacturing, and making money.  But clients need genuine advice and guidance throughout their financial lives and not just when they are struggling. Patrick identified his need and didn’t deviate from his path. He had his share of failures as well, not all nights were merry for him, but like a dedicated, optimistic, and life-long learner that he is, his mistakes only helped him bounce back stronger in the game. 

Patrick Tucker was confident of his skills and knowledge, and after a few incidences of him outperforming in his career, it didn’t take him long to decide that this is his calling. Therefore, he founded True Measure Wealth Management, an investment advisory firm based in Omaha, Nebraska, which provides positive and comprehensive advice to clients while mentoring aspiring financial planners who plan to have their own successful consulting business. Patrick’s courses are tailor-made for people coming with different problems. His programs are made of Entrepreneurs, Parents, Students, Young couples, Older people planning retirements, and people struggling with financial circumstances. 

Tucker always grew up learning and reading about what intrigues him. He was aware of the educational lag created by schools and parents as they never train children to become financially intelligent. This lag always drew him towards constructing programs that cater to young students who are newly introduced to earning. After attending a local high school and educating entrepreneurs for years, I kept asking myself, “Why isn’t our school system offering more personal finance programs?”, said Patrick. So, he wrote many books and courses for a change in the education system. His mission is to help educate our society about finance, an element of our existence that is intricately woven into every part of our life.

The Evolved Advisor is a helpful and comprehensive guide for anyone looking to start a business and do it right from the start: advising clients respectfully and building a lifelong relationship. If you want to learn more about taking your business to the next level, take Patrick’s course, which he developed for almost anyone. He has shared everything needed to save your future from financial circumstances. Patrick is currently teaching through live sessions, seminars, and interactive classes. You can get inspired by this money-master by reading his blogs on the website, sign-up for his courses, or even become a lifetime member and join the community created by Patrick. 

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