The Story Behind Blvck Paris That No One Talks About


The birth of Blvck came with a bang, disrupting the Fashion and eCommerce industry. Its arrival was like a conqueror bent on conquest. No one even imagined Blvck would rise to $500k/month in revenue with 450% yearly growth in such a short time. It all began at the end of 2017 when Blvck was born out of Julian O’hayon’s obsessions for design and the color black. Designing and entrepreneurship was a long term dream that came true after years of procrastination.
Julian was always interested in design and entrepreneurship. He had earlier founded his first company, a digital agency when he was only 15. His skills in coding and web design made him start earning money at a tender age by helping people design their websites. When he hit 20 years of age, Julian had already amassed over 100 clients worldwide under his agency. Julian was also involved in the tech start-up scene. His focus was always on the beautiful yet minimalistic and functional design, which could regard as his distinctive signature.

Things began to change and take shape when he made a footprint in the digital space. He became very active on social media sharing his passion for design. He grew his online following to more than 100k followers on Instagram and started applying his black stamp to household brands. Through posting images on Instagram, Julian aimed at bringing a unique and aesthetically pleasing effect by ‘blacking out’ everyday items. Luckily his designs went viral on social media, spurring an influx of followers globally with particular traction in the US and Asia, and shortly then, Blvck was born.

Julian is a French serial entrepreneur, designer, and founder of Blvck Paris. His company is doing well even during a pandemic. He has now increased his footprint in Asia and even had their first ever pop up there. Blvck decided to focus on things they didn’t have time for, optimized their website and operations. The company started paying off as soon as they received their inventory.
Today, Blvck Paris stands out. The company is very much a lifestyle brand where they want their community to live with an “all black everything” lifestyle. For example, last year, in July, they launched a physical pop-up shop in Taipei, Asia, which was more of a lifestyle shop. They had a food corner and had a basketball hoop, and a claw crane machine full of exclusive Blvck products.
Blvck celebrates every success. It started as a direct to consumer brand selling exclusively via their online shop. Despite the competitive market, Blvck Paris has stood the test of time. What has helped the company grow is the open-mindedness and flexibility of Julian and his team. The team is always checking on ways to adapt and the issues surrounding their products and marketing strategies. As a team, they also use a lot of different tools to be more productive and also marketing-wise.

Julian’s focus has always been on design, branding, and marketing. He mainly uses photoshop, blender, and Lightroom to edit photos. These tools aren’t easy to use, especially if you are not familiar with them, and that is what brings a fundamental difference to Blvck. Something else that is making Blvck prosper is learning to work hard but smartly. They have also been known to pivot but staying open-minded as they challenge themselves. Besides, offering quality customer services is part of their objectives.

Do you want to explore a range of digital goods and upgrade your lifestyle? Try Blvck Paris. It is the home of lifestyle apparel and accessories brands supported by millions of engaged social media followers and consumers globally. From visual content to merchandise, they strive to pioneer a new lifestyle focused on quality and design. The ‘All Black Lifestyle’ is a culture shift to live life on your terms, free from vanity. The generic styles of traditional fashion have become obsolete. And guess what? It is time to Blvck out your life.

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