Scorpion Studios Led by Walter O’Brien Brings Spider-Man Movie to Life

Scorpion (Walter O'Brien) seen here on the red carpet with Ironman Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and Batman (Michael Keaton). (PRNewsfoto/Scorpion Computer Services, Inc.)

Walter O’Brien, executive producer and pioneer of CBS drama Scorpion, brings his wealth of experience to the set of Spider-Man:Homecoming 2017. Credited as a technical adviser on the movie, O’Brien and the crew at Scorpion Studios, Inc. lend their expertise and technical savvy to bring the movie to life. That includes input on technical realism, cutting-edge costumes, gadgets, props and weapons, and artificial intelligence.


O’Brien explains, “We don’t make the movies — we make them cooler and more realistic.” With a declining theatergoing public, Gen-Y and Gen-Z are increasingly seeking a more authentic experience from going to the movies. That includes use of special effects like realistic technology and virtual reality. He enthuses, “We bring the gadgets like Q does for James Bond.”


Under the direction of the man with the fourth highest IQ recorded in history, Scorpion Studios’ has in-depth knowledge of special ops and sophisticated concepts in artificial intelligence and machine learning. This can be leveraged by film studios to create an experience for viewers that can make or break their next blockbuster. And Scorpion’s fingerprints are all over the latest Spider-Man smash hit.


Scorpion Studios is pretty much a powerhouse of science, math, technical and engineering concepts. Recognized for innovations in cyber security, military scenarios and virtual reality, O’Brien’s mastermind is fast expanding into the entertainment world. And it’s fitting right in. With so many areas to contribute to and improve on, including script development, fresh ideas, tech effects, gadgets and weapons, this team of genius minds is finding a home in Hollywood.


The CBS show of the same name was conceptualized by the man who had a tough time growing up as a kid. When you spend your free time hacking into NASA while your peers are kicking around a football, you can feel pretty left out. Through the hit show Scorpion, young and brilliant minds who may otherwise feel isolated can find a place to flourish and bring their ideas to life.

So far, Scorpion as worked with more than 2,000 hackers, mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists to create extraordinary work. O’Brien fondly refers to his brainchild as “an orphanage for smart people.”

Whether your IQ is through the roof and you want in on the ground producing special effects for movies or creating AI solutions that change the world–or you simply enjoy experiencing kickass blockbuster movies–Scorpion is changing the face of entertainment as we know it. Hold onto your seats!


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