Simone Giuliano: From Writing A Book To Releasing Hot Chill Beats, Here Is Why He Is The G.O.A.T


Do you ever find music to be so nice and pleasant? Music can be found all over the world, and listening to music when your mind is at ease is the nicest feeling imaginable. Because of music, the world has become a better place. Indeed, music is a part of our everyday life, and musicians use it to express their thoughts and feelings. What’s more, guess what? Music gives your brain a complete workout.

Music also helps to alleviate anxiety, blood pressure, and pain. It also helps with sleep, mood, mental acuity, and memory. In today’s environment, up-and-coming musicians are rocking the stage and sweeping the globe with their most diverse and best-selling music. Simone Giuliano is one of the world’s best artists.

The Great Simone Giuliano

Simone Giuliano is a serial entrepreneur, consultant, and public speaker. He began his business ventures at a young age as a result of his desire. At the age of 17, this creative man created his first firm, dabbling with SEO. He was already rubbing elbows with the world’s most notable entrepreneurs and companies by the time he was 20. 

Simone is a strategic thinker. He has expanded his strategies not just for his clients, but also for his own businesses. He’s been featured in a variety of publications, including Inc Magazine, Yahoo Finance, Thrives Global, and others.

The Driving Force

Since he was a child, Simone Giuliano has had a passion for music. He was always on the verge of pursuing a career in music. His middle school was entirely dedicated to music. He was first influenced by drums when he was in school.  Simone Giuliano was inspired to create exquisite beats and poetic poems as a result of this motivation. While studying and working, he enjoyed listening to music. Later, he made lo-fi beats. “Low-fidelity” is what “Lo-fi” stands for.  Simone Giuliano enjoys the times because they allow him to calm his mind.

Besides  Simone Giuliano being competent in the music industry, he is also an author. He loves writing books on business.  Simone Giuliano is an entrepreneur who is a pioneer, a fountain of novel thoughts, and a business strategist. He utilizes his abilities and drive to expect needs and puts up great groundbreaking thoughts for sale to the public. 

Simone Giuliano’s Music

Simone has written and sang songs you would love to listen to. These songs are; Public Relations, The Come Up, Are You Ridin, It Is What It Is, Do You Love Me, and Doge To The Moon are his top hits. You can also find his latest release, the dubbed “Thanks To The Useless Chill Beats,” and all his music on Spotify and apple.


Indeed music is the best entertainment of our time. Whenever you feel bored and discouraged, you can listen to Simone’s music. His chilly music accompanied by the lofi beats will relax your mind and create a lively environment for you.


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