Back in June, the ARIA Network, an integrated media group bringing billions of physical and digital assets to life through advanced recognition, augmented reality and 360° immersive experiences, launched a new NFT (non-fungible token) exchange that is fully transparent, secure and carbon-negative. 

Playing host to ARIA’s “living NFTs,” the network provides a unique opportunity for marketers to forge a relationship with legitimate NFT purchasers by expanding value over time with the addition of exclusive and updated content. 

Sports Fans Rejoice!

One of the more exciting aspects of the announcement was that ARIA simultaneously signed an exclusive 5-year partnership with the National Basketball Retired Players Association (NBPRA) to offer highly collectible NFTs for almost 1500 NBA, WNBA, and Harlem Globetrotters legends. 

“We are excited to partner with The ARIA Network and their groundbreaking ARIA Exchange NFT platform,” said NBRPA President & CEO, Scott Rochelle. “Demand for our membership of nearly 1,500 NBA and WNBA Legends has never been higher and their legendary accomplishments and iconic moments are a natural fit to bring exclusive, experiential and artistic value to fans and collectors around the world.”

Green Up and Down the Court

In its ongoing efforts to reduce the impact of energy consumption and pollution on the planet, the ARIA Exchange trading platform also tracks and calculates the carbon footprint of NFTs from minting to purchase. Powered by SUKU and in partnership with Carbon Analytics and Moss.Earth, the ARIA Exchange not only consumers a fraction of the energy ingested by other platforms, but also provides carbon deposits exceeding CO2 emitted, rendering all transactions carbon-negative.

“When you think about the application of NFTs as technology and virtual environments mature, we are in a really exciting moment in time,” said Co-CEO Darren Mann. “We’ve created the most advanced, sustainable NFT exchange that addresses crypto climate concerns while giving collectors and consumers unparalleled experiences and content.”

Hedera Hashgraph

Additionally, every NFT on ARIA Exchange is securely stored on Hedera Hashgraph, a well-established distributed ledger, backed by a council consisting of dozens of reputable large enterprises. This decentralized network ensures the unconditional authenticity, and immutability of every piece of information that is stored on it.

“I am proud to be part of a company endeavoring to build a more sustainable, more efficient, safe and transparent exchange. In building with our partners, we look to the future of NFTs and what, in the minds of collectors and consumers, will stand the test of time. To that end, we will be delivering dynamic, exclusive, never before seen content that we believe will set the ARIA Exchange apart from the competition,” Rebecca Jonah, Co-CEO of The ARIA Network.

The ARIA Exchange will soon be announcing a number of new partnerships across additional leagues, musicians, artists, creators and celebrities. The ARIA exchange will host the first wave of these NFTs beginning in July. Fans can sign up now for early access to forthcoming collections by creating a profile at

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