The Stimulating Single ‘Have You Met Me’, By Ora Violet Is An Ode To Rising To Your Potential

Ora Violet
Photo Courtesy of Ora Violet's Instagram

The British band, Ora Violet is a sonic explosion of fresh rock and roll that blends proto-punk elements from the 1970s with modern-day versatility from Queens of the Stone Age and Raconteurs. Black Tiles and guitarist Nick Ferman make up Ora Violet, a production duo with multiple elements. On their most latest track, ‘Have You Met Me’, singer Jeet Mulkerj and bassist Adam Liston join them to provide the most mysterious sensibilities to a listener’s ear. 

There’s nothing like ‘Have You Met Me’ to knock people off their feet, but unlike the never-ending train, this song leaves the listener and antihero longing for more. When listening to the track, you can hear some Strokes vibes clinging along to the hook and melody. It’s enough proof to show that two minutes is enough to blow a listener’s mind. 

“Influenced by Grinderman, Elizabeth Wurtzel, Maramaduke Duke, and Earnest Hemingway, the song was inspired by the realization that the same way we go down, we come back up; gradually and then suddenly,” they say. “The antihero protagonist has lived a life of unapologetic excessive in all ways and despite nearing the end, the statement is clear… I won’t go down.”

Listen to ‘Have You Met Me’ below:

‘Have You Met Me’ came about in the studio while they were all casually jamming together – as it all started with a rock-n-roll riff on the guitar, it was slowly built from there. This is the case for Ora Violet and their records, as their musical backgrounds all come together to create a distinct sound due to everyone originating from either Australia, Italy, and the UK. Various consumer magazines and radio stations have also commended them, as well as The Strokes producer Gordon Raphael and Stereophonics’ Kelly Jones. 

Ora Violet originated back in 2019 when they played a handful of gigs in Italy as a backup band for a local artist. Ora Violet was then born thanks to impromptu jam sessions during sound checks and the shows they have done together. 

“We are all capable of writing songs individually but they wouldn’t sound like Ora Violet songs,” they say. “Each one of us has a say in the creative process and we all have the same goal – to make music. It’s not always easy, but we usually get there. Just being able to write and play music together is what matters to us. Everything else is a bonus.” 

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