Wave Point Proves To Be The King Of Feel-Good Funky House

Wave Point
Photo Courtesy of Wave Point

Wave Point is a Chicago-born, Detroit-based producer and DJ skilled in hard house, techno, and some feel-good funk. Brian Jones has played numerous sets across many different festivals across the country, including Movement, Electric Daisy Carnival, and more. Jones is more in his element than ever before with Wave Point, as he is able to utilize his years of experience and confidence to follow his musical instincts. 

About a week or two ago, Wave Point released an undeniably groovy record Higher Dimension, which features 10-tracks of narrative and spiritual house.

The record includes previously released singles by Brian himself that range in style while keeping the dreamy essence of deep house. Some of these stand-out tracks include ‘Words’, ‘Island’, the eccentric groovy track, ‘Different Sounds’, and ‘Passion’. Furthermore, the album brings back ‘Feeling’, an instrumental that is spicy and flavored with funk, which is one of our personal favorites. 

We had an outstanding opportunity to talk to Brian about his work with Higher Dimension and how it reflects who he is as an artist.

Behind The Sound With Wave Point:

THT: Can you tell us the story about how Higher Dimension came to life? What was the production process like for this particular project? 

Wave Point: “I started writing Higher Dimension during COVID-19 -the only music I was listening to was chill stuff on Spotify, and so I started going that direction a little bit. Then I went online and found different session instrumentalists and singers. Some of the songs don’t have any session players, but the song, ‘Feeling’ has six different session players. It’s cool because I’ve never really done that before and I was able to get people from around the world and stuff to work on it.”

Listen to Higher Dimension below:

THT: What is the meaning behind the name “Wave Point”? 

Wave Point: “It was a mixture of just coming up with a bunch of random ideas that weren’t already taken and I thought I could come up with a cool visual behind the sense I was giving. I guess I don’t have a specific reason, but I came up with a couple of different things and thought about the artwork and a logo. Eventually, it all worked out!”

THT: If you could pick a few songs by you as a way to get to know you, which three would you pick? 

Wave Point: “There’s a lot of them but: 

‘Words’ // Wavepoint

‘Machines’ // Golf Cap

THT: Out of all the shows you have played, what is your best and favorite festival that you have ever played at?

Wave Point: “I’ve been to Electric Forest about six to seven times now! I’ve played about 40-50 sets within that festival, and have camped out there out of an RV and played out of it!”

THT: What do you hope to contribute through your music?

Wave Point: “It’s going to be different as time goes on, but for Higher Dimension specifically, it was supposed to provide a dance floor feel. But it’s also perfect to listen to on a car ride, for example. I kind of need to make more dancefloor stuff now because I’m playing at shows that would be accessible to something a little bit more like DJ’ing. 

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