This Podcaster Aims To Help You Chase Your Vision


With over 2 million podcasts out there today, it can be difficult finding the right one to listen to. Whether you’re the kind of listener who has a handful of shows that you’re consistently tuning in to, or you jump from podcast to podcast, it’s important to filter out the right content from the wrong.

We had the opportunity of interviewing the host of Chase The Vision with Isaac Mashman podcast, for this exclusive article. 

Welcome Isaac, before we talk about your podcast, can you tell our readers a little bit about you?

Absolutely, and I appreciate this opportunity! In short without getting super deep into my background, I’m a businessman, creative, and podcast host. I’ve had the opportunity over the last four years to do quite a few things, and I’ve delved into nearly half a dozen businesses, if not more, launched multiple podcasts, and my current focus is on running my public relations firm Mashman Ventures.

Early on I struggled with understanding what I wanted to pursue, so I decided to just try a bunch of different things. My early years in business were full of experiences and growth, not just professionally but also individually. I eventually became the go-to guy in my circle for branding and personal branding, and that’s when the idea of helping people with their personal brands really started.

What about your upbringing? Was there anyone around you who was entrepreneurial?

The irony about this is there wasn’t. As a young child, I always had a particularly creative mind and would be perfectly okay playing by myself for hours on end. I would come up with crazy ideas and inventions with the simplest of items around the house yard. I was an only child and my mom was working for the majority of my childhood. 

As I got older, I kept that creative side of me and with some positive reinforcement from some family members, I pursued a lawn business in late middle school. I also did odd jobs for my scoutmasters and people around the church when I could. 

This was when I really came to appreciate the value of the dollar and developed my work ethic. Any and all of these jobs, however, didn’t serve as a proper representation of entrepreneurship as a whole as I was a solo man crew. It was in high school that I began paying attention to influencers, and business owners who had teams of individuals underneath them. 

Transitioning to podcasting, is “Chase The Vision” your first?

No actually, I launched my first podcast on SoundCloud when I was still in high school. I remember being in my senior year in computer class in the library editing audios and sharing the clips with all of my friends. Those were definitely the simpler days, but I’ve since come a long way. 

What are some struggles you had when you started?

Overthinking. To this day I have a rather OCD way of thinking and starting out I would obsess over every “Uhm” or breath I took. It wasn’t until I started listening back through my podcasts that I realized my listeners weren’t focusing on those slight imperfections. As a matter of fact, in day-to-day speech, those are quite normal things.

Then, there was the difficulty of finding a proper hosting platform and understanding just how many different directories and places I can get my podcast listed on. Over time, and as I did more research, things became clearer and my work has begun to pay off. 2021 has been a massive year for my show.  

Speaking of your show, what’s the premise?

Chase the Vision with Isaac Mashman was launched to serve as a platform for me to share my experiences and knowledge in business, life, and personal growth. I believe at the center of all achievement is personal growth, and I want to be able to help people from all walks of life, not just business owners, better chase after their visions. 

When I first started this podcast, it was rather business-focused, but I began to see saturation in the market, which is one of the reasons I pivoted towards education and self-improvement instead.

As of now, we’re nearing the hundredth episode mark, and I’ve had the opportunity of interviewing some amazing guests like Mat Devine of Cameo, and Kenny Herzog of Entrepreneur Media.

Where can people listen?

You can find my podcast on every streaming platform you can think of, and for the video version of my interviews, you can go to my YouTube channel which is underneath my name!

Thanks again!


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