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You have probably heard of the most liked people in the world. This position always comes with fame and respect. Often these people are humble, can learn, have done something extraordinary, are resilient, and have big visions. This case is not different from this creative visionary Ashwin Jacob connecting the world of entertainment, technology, fashion, and overall positive living. He is the most talked to person in Los Angeles. He is famously known as the real-life genie of Hollywood.

Ashwin Jacob Detailed

Ashwin Jacob is the Head of Entertainment Partnerships & Strategy of New Hollywood, Spoiled and Rottn(Clothing Brand), Intention Crystals(Spirituality & Chakra Healing Bead Brand). He works with celebrities and brands doing strategic partnerships. Ashwin has hosted a top 20 podcast on iTunes and has also done public speaking and lecturing for businesses and conferences. He has also dived in the world of eCommerce with Intention Crystals selling chakra healing and intention-based crystals and partnering with celebrities. Ashwin is also an equity owner in a fashion brand around mental health called Spoild and Rottn.

Why Is Ashwin Jacob Loved?

1. Connecting People & Helping Them To Succeed

Ashwin’s fundamental principle is giving first and doing worthy expectations when it comes to people. To him, what matters most is to build a legacy as someone who not only helps to connect people professionally but to propel them into success truly. He inspires people with similar backgrounds to chase their dreams through his story of overcoming adversity and finding his way into the national spotlight. His selflessness to help people has made him loved in the entire Los Angeles.

2. Wanting To See Others Win

Ashwin always wants to push others to go after their dreams. When he created his podcast New Hollywood, he started sharing his stories of insiders in the world of technology, entertainment, fashion, and business to help others achieve success and change their “mediocre destinies.” The podcast allows Ashwin to share practices, ideas, and tips for free with people unable to engage his company New Hollywood LLC. New Hollywood became a top 100 Podcast on iTunes and the 20th podcast to listen to in 2019 on NASDAQ. Also, for Ashwin to impact the world, he had to work with outstanding individuals, companies, and organizations to achieve this goal. Ashwin’s works range from management consulting, strategic partnership, optimization, marketing, and advisory roles in the entertainment and technology sectors.

Ashwin also hosts large scale parties throughout the year for top business people, celebrities, and trendsetters in Los Angeles, CA. These notable events include Coachella, Art Basel, Tai Lopez’s influencer Pool Parties, and Justin Combs’ Halloween Friday Night. Through these events, he has managed to connect people who are unique and talented to each other. Besides, Ashwin has produced a feature film, Habit, directed by an award-winning director Johnny Hickey.

Lessons To Learn From Ashwin

There are many lessons you can learn from Ashwin. One of the greatest lessons is that every dream is valid and can change through our individualized actions. Raised in Boston by immigrant parents, Ashwin moved across the country with nothing but a dream. He wanted to build a legacy of connecting people. His hard work and persistence to achieve this dream is something all entrepreneurs can borrow. Indeed, success does not just happen; you create it. Ashwin Jacob is a living testimony of ‘grass to grace.’ Something else you can learn is the excellent customer care and service that he offers to his clients. Ashwin brings passion to every client he works with and tailors them to their specific needs based on their individual goals. He has also continually created opportunities for his clients and himself by tactfully leveraging social media, traditional media placements, and above all, exceptional relationship management.

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