The Commuter


“What Kind of Person are You?” is the question that is the tagline in the in the movie Commuter.  Liam Neeson plays an Insurance salesman (Michaael) that commutes daily into the city. On his routine train ride, a mysterious women strikes up a conversation with Michael. During the train ride Michael receives a call from the Mysterious women telling him he has to find a passenger that doesn’t belong in exchange for money. They later tell him that they will harm his family, if he doesn’t comply. He later realizes that he is unwittingly caught a criminal conspiracy and now everyone on the train is in danger.

While it’s not quite original as Taken, this movie has alot of suspense and the great action that we’ve come to know from Liam Neeson. This movies has lots of twist and turns which make it a very suspenseful movie with a surpise ending. If you’re a Liam Neeson fan you’ll like this movie.


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