Title: Rev. Jenn Cormier: Embracing Grief as a Wise Teacher for Healing


In a world that often rushes past the uncomfortable, Rev. Jenn Cormier stands as a beacon advocating for a radical shift in our approach to grief. Rather than viewing it as an obstacle to overcome, she sees grief as a profound teacher, offering valuable lessons in navigating the complex terrain of loss.

As I sat down with Rev. Jenn Cormier, her warmth and compassion immediately set the tone for our conversation. With a deep breath, she began to unravel her journey into the heart of grief, a journey that started in 2012 when her father, Gil, succumbed to prostate cancer at the tender age of 59.

“I had no roadmap for such a painful loss,” she shared. “No religious, spiritual, family, or cultural foundation to guide me through the depths of grief. It was like being lost in a storm without a compass.”

In the midst of this emotional tempest, a mentor extended a lifeline that would alter the course of Rev. Cormier’s relationship with grief. “Why don’t you take grief by the hand?” her mentor suggested. “Walk with it for a year through every season, every cycle, every birthday, every milestone. Let it teach you.”

Initially uncertain about what this entailed, Rev. Cormier committed herself to becoming a student of grief. Setting a timer, she would, in a sense, engage in a dialogue with grief, asking, “What have you got for me?” This intentional approach to grief marked the beginning of a transformative journey that would ultimately shape her perspective on healing.

Now, a decade later, with 20 years of healing arts experience under her belt, Rev. Cormier reflects on grief not as an adversary but as a collaborator. “If you truly show up with grief as a student,” she asserted, “there’s an incredible capacity for creativity and life force to be released, allowing you to step into your next chapter more fully than ever before.”

Grief, in her eyes, is not merely a process to endure but an opportunity for profound self-discovery. “It’s the hidden gift of grief,” she explained, her eyes reflecting the wisdom gained from her own journey. “The next time you find yourself in the throes of a painful moment, see grief as a teacher.”

Her invitation is a radical one – to embrace grief as a potent catalyst for healing. Rev. Cormier firmly believes that viewing the grief experience through the lens of a teacher can be the most powerful healing experience one will ever encounter. It’s an invitation to lean into the discomfort, to explore the depths of sorrow, and to emerge on the other side with a newfound resilience.

As our conversation continued, Rev. Cormier shared stories of individuals she had guided through the labyrinth of grief, each one a testament to the transformative power of embracing pain rather than resisting it. “Grief, when approached with an open heart, becomes a gateway to self-discovery,” she affirmed.

She spoke passionately about the importance of allowing oneself the time and space to grieve fully, emphasizing that healing is not a linear process. “Grief has its own timeline,” she said. “It doesn’t adhere to our expectations or societal pressures. It’s a unique journey for each individual.”

Rev. Jenn Cormier’s message is a poignant reminder that healing is not about erasing the pain but about integrating it into the fabric of our lives. “Grief is not the enemy,” she asserted. “It’s a companion on the journey, offering profound insights and resilience if we are willing to listen and learn.”

In a culture that often rushes to move beyond sorrow, Rev. Cormier’s revolutionary stance challenges us to pause, reflect, and embrace grief as an essential and transformative part of the human experience. Through her journey and the wisdom gained, she extends an invitation to all – to approach grief with an open heart, recognizing it as a teacher guiding us toward profound healing and a more vibrant existence.