Vayreni Burn: The Burn Cheese Board Designer Bringing High-End Products to Your Home


Vayreni Burn is a company making artful cheeseboards and furniture such as coffee tables, dining room tables, end tables, and much more. Its designs constitute burns, with the products’ primary component being wood. These trailblazing products have hit the arts industry or domestic art by storm in about two years. Even with only its first product, a cheese board, in October 2019, it became a functional art that blew off the market. 

Starting from a garage, the company has become prominent on the Etsy marketplace and made statements on Instagram with masterpieces. Partnering with Max, the Meat guy, Vayreni Burns has made innovative designs that keep blowing people’s minds. 

Its Makings

Just by a look at the products, you will know it has a journey in its making. Its finishing phase is quite a wholly unique journey. The start product is a wood plank, which takes about seven days to design, depending on the size. Mind you; the wood is just not something picked up randomly from the woods; the use of black walnut makes it high-end. It is quality because it is dense, resilient to be washed and cleaned. 

The plank then gets cut down to a variety of sizes and the process begins. Each plank gets burned, then scraped, and the colore epoxy is poured and set to dry. Then each plank is set to dry for 2 days before beginning the sanding phase. The stages of sanding, from 80 grit to 2000 grit sanding, is where you will see the true craftsmanship. Finally, the board is finished with a final phase of reintroducing wood natural oils back into the board by hand buffing it to perfection. This whole process pays out when this beauty is revealed

The designs are backed by 15,000 volts of electricity, which makes the burns impeccable. The final add-in of natural waxes and oils are those that occur in living trees to keep trees waterproof. By drying the wood out, the waxes also dry out, and so they add them back into the woods to have an all-natural feel on the wood.

The Success of the Products

The success of art products comes from their uniqueness and value, which people must understand. A company also does well if it meets audiences that genuinely appreciate art. The cheese boards and other products are just not everyday products. It has to be placed in the hands of people who see the pieces as more than a piece of wood or a specific household need. 

According to the founders of Vayreni Burns, in the art space, people need to see the products to understand them, and once they know it, they love it, and upon learning the process, they love it more. And that narrows down to everything Vayreni Burns does. From the designing process, you can see the effort put in place, especially with the volts used in designing. The process is quite deadly and several safety switches are put in place to protect the artist. It goes on to the overall factor, which is uniqueness, doing burns, river and creek tables, floating desks designs, and all products coming out different than the next. 

They also grow because they customize their products for each client. A client therefore calls or reaches out to order, and the company grants their requests. Also, the significant partnerships they have made and their online presence boosts their significance in the market.


Vayreni Burns has enthusiasm and dedication in the work they put out. Their products are also a symbol of their hard work. Not to mention being customer-oriented, such that they make designs upon an order. They are looking forward to dominating the online space globally, going to the farmers market, and continuing to blow your mind with sophisticated designs.

You can check out their products on Etsy or follow them on Instagram


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