Why You Need to Activate Everything That’s Right in Life


To feel fulfilled in life, you need to be aware of your life’s positive and uplifting aspects. Many people do not feel competent or complete because they rely solely on external factors and circumstances, like a job title,  to derive meaning and feel successful. The problem with this approach is that we don’t have much control over the outside world. It is constantly changing. Jobs change, friends move away, and seasons change. Is there a more stable, consistent approach to living a good life? 

Anna Hall believes that a sense of purpose can be that stabilizing platform in your life. She is laser-focused on helping people discover and activate their purpose because it is a matter of life – a happier life, a healthier life, and a longer life, according to decades of reliable research. The purpose is a combination of components – such as; values, innate strengths, intrinsic motivation, and personality traits, that, when uniquely combined, give each person a collection of positive tools that infuses them with motivation, confidence, and resilience. The purpose is indeed a combination of everything that feels’ right’ within you. 


Life is a gift, and it’s not always fun or easy. We need an internal foundation that keeps us upright and moving ahead, even when obstacles are thrown in our path. Knowing how to leverage your inner purpose like a superpower gives you the resolve and confidence to hold on to hope and keep taking that next step through the winds of change and uncertainty. Life is lived one step at a time – a rich life entails constant movement, not just reaching a singular destination. 

Knowing you’re ‘why’ lets you see down the road beyond today’s inevitable setbacks, mistakes, and perceived barriers. Purpose helps you maintain clarity about who you are and what you can do daily to feel worthwhile, exciting, and meaningful – even when relationships, work, and family are confusing. A growth mindset based on purpose empowers people to make sound decisions that maintain their wellness, protect their energy, and make progress toward their goals.  

What’s Certain in Life

By listening and learning from hundreds of people who have lived for 80, 90, and even 100+ years through her career in senior retirement living, Anna bases her knowledge of purpose on their teachings and demonstrations of living in purpose. Research shows that as people age, they gain a sharper mortality awareness. This awareness causes humans to let go of superficial activities and focus on meaning, leaving a legacy for their family and resolving regrets and grudges. In other words, they stop sweating the small stuff and make the most of it every day, as if it is their last. 

Anna developed a framework called The Purpose Equation® to help people of all ages hack time and get to this sense of meaning sooner – in fact; it takes only six hours with Anna’s Purpose Equation program. It doesn’t answer every question about life, but it serves as a relatively quick, evidence-informed experience that solidifies knowledge of everything that is right inside you. This ‘knowing’ is activated with tangible tools from the Purpose Equation program. 

Anna believes that our life force is the purpose, and she defines it as specific ways for each person to give and get meaning and joy daily. One of the few certainties in life is that every single person has an innate, powerful purpose inside. Make it a priority to understand yours, to answer that question, ‘why,’ so you can live every day with intention, based on everything inside of you that’s right. Anna is launching a membership community for individuals to gain support for their purpose growth and expansion and to connect with others living with a deep sense of purpose. 

To learn more about the purpose and to explore membership, visit ThePurposeEquation.com. Or email Discover@thepurpposeequation.com to set up a complimentary call with Anna.