Aaron Nimmo, Helping Busy Professionals Take Control Of Life & Achieve Their Dream Body


Most professionals are on the run to be productive and achieve their financial and career goals. However, the majority forget to keep their bodies in check due to their busy schedules, and this state always ends up negatively impacting their physical and mental health if left unchecked. 

That is why Aaron Nimmo has been at the forefront to ensure that busy professionals find the balance and the body that matches their business. 

Aaron is the founder of The Starting Line company. He originally got into fitness right after graduating high school. He was pursuing a degree in Kinesiology, which is the study of the mechanics of body movements. For anyone who wants to get into chiropractic, personal training, or anything related to how the body moves, Kinesiology would be the department that they will have to go through. 

Aaron’s intention from the beginning was to get into some personal fitness training. Therefore, growing up, he had developed a passion for exercising and working out with bodybuilding.

Finally, when Aaron started helping people achieve their dream bodies and lives, he created nutrition and workout programs to help them while holding people accountable to manage their time better and do their fitness goals. Aaron’s goal was to show the busy professionals that it is possible to make progress even within a tight schedule, and he wanted to instill an aspect of accountability in them to make them consistent. 

Therefore the first step is usually for the person to identify what exactly they are struggling with. Most people who are always on the move or busy will either lack time, not exercise enough, poor diet, or not eat the right food. For others, it will be a bad habit that has refused to go away because they have been practicing it for the longest time.

Next, Aaron helps them create a foundation by identifying their schedules or noting what they are currently doing with their habits. It is upon this foundation that these professionals and executives can build upon. 

Aaron then offers a one-on-one program. Everyone who works with him also gets access to a one-on-one support coach. 

Aaron is passionate about working with busy professionals. Together with his partner, they enjoy being part of them and creating a path for them. They are also helping those stressed, overwhelmed, and who might be intensely focused on their careers at the same time. They know that these people’s bodies might not be where they want, and hence they are always consistent with their fitness routines. 

Aaron has discovered that all that a busy professional or executive requires is to shine a light on their lives and help them create a balance to match the business. 

Today, Aaron has coached over 50,000 globally and is still counting. Therefore if you are a busy professional and need help getting control of your body and life, you can connect to Aaron Nimmo and start your fitness journey today. 


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