Batman – Adam West dies at 88

Photo Credit: s_bukley

Adam West well known for playing The Cape Crusader on the TV Series Batman from 1966-1968 died today at the age of 88. West who gained Stardom playing Batman in January 1966 died peacefully Friday night surrounded by family after a short battle with Leukemia.

Born William West Anderson in Seattle on Sept. 19, 1928, the second of two sons. His father was a wheat farmer and his mother was a pianist and opera singer.

West grew up in Walla Walla Washing where he gain the eye of Batman producer William Dozier when he played Captain Quik, a James Bond-type character with a sailor’s cap, in commercials for Nestle’s Quik.

West was a contract player for Warner Bros. and was filming the spaghetti Western The Relentless Four (1965) in Europe when read the pilot script and knew after 20 pages that it was the kind of comedy I wanted to do,” he said in a 2006 interview with the Archive of American Television. He signed a contact immediately with the condition that could choose who played Robin. For the next 50 years the duo would greet loyal fans at many conventions.
West recently regained popularity on Seth MacFarlane’s TV Show, “The Family Guy”. West played voice the mayor of Quahog who name was of course “Adam West”.


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