BBC backlash as viewers slam ‘outrageous’ SNP’s John Swinney interview ‘Complete joke’


    On Wednesday’s , hosts and Katherine Downes were back to present the latest news headlines. The duo discussed a number of topics and spoke with several guests on the programme including John Swinney about the latest COVID-19 restrictions on Scotland. However, viewers were left unimpressed by the chat, with many claiming the hosts didn’t ask the relevant questions.

    Other viewers claimed BBC Breakfast were encouraging people from Scotland to travel to England, where there are fewer restrictions in place for New Year’s Eve.

    Taking to social media to air their frustrations, Andrew raged: “Sounds like you are encouraging Scots to head to Newcastle for Hogmanay.”

    User GP said: “@BBCBreakfast @JohnSwinney is a complete joke. On one hand, people are free to make their own decisions, the SNP are destroying hospitality in order to prevent people from exercising that freedom in Scotland. Free to party in Newcastle but not Edinburgh.”

    Robert raged: “@BBCBreakfast the question to ask is does shutting down hospitality & Leisure drive people to meet at home with no attempt at social distancing.”

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    He continued: “We warned some weeks ago that the Omicron variant was going to significantly rise in Scotland.

    “We have seen rises in those numbers that we have never seen before.

    “Even in the space of time of the period just before Christmas and the period just after Christmas.

    “We have seen the rise of about 5,000 cases a day to about 10,000 cases a day in about a week.”

    “That is an alarming increase,” the Scottish Minister added. “Which I think merits the type of restrictions we have reluctantly has to apply.”

    Downes went on to ask about the rise in infection rates, and how they came to their decision to impose restrictions.

    Swinney explained they had to look at how the rise in cases would be a burden on the NHS.

    He added they have to look at how many people are being hospitalised with the new variant.

    BBC Breakfast airs weekdays on BBC One at 6am.

    Published at Wed, 29 Dec 2021 07:50:00 +0000

    BBC backlash as viewers slam ‘outrageous’ SNP’s John Swinney interview ‘Complete joke’