‘Can’t go anywhere without him’ Dog owner details powerful bond with ‘broken’ rescue pup


    The Dog House recently returned to Channel 4 for an all-new series of the popular programme which is set inside Wood Green Animal Shelters in Cambridgeshire. In a recent episode of the tear-jerking show, Natasha and her son Jacob, who were looking for a canine companion, were matched with a timid chihuahua cross called Wingnut. Since adopting the tiny hound, the duo has opened up about forming a strong bond with the “broken” pup. 

    Natasha and Jacob featured on a recent episode of The Dog House which filmed their uplifting adoption journey. 

    Natasha had her heart set on rescuing a small dog, but Jacob initially wanted a large breed like a Siberian Husky.

    In their episode, they were introduced to an anxious black longhaired chihuahua cross who was named Wingnut due to the size of his large ears. 

    While Jacob had his reservations at first, the pair soon bonded with the canine and thought he would be a perfect new addition to their small family. 

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    Since rescuing Wignut they renamed him Rafferty, or Raffy for short, as Natasha thought his original name should only be for an inanimate object. 

    In an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk Natasha and Jacob detailed their touching adoption journey with Raffy. 

    Reflecting on the experience, Natasha said: “I phoned up the centre because we have been fostering dogs and it’s getting harder to say goodbye.”

    The mum-of-one said she always wanted to get a rescue and she was thrilled to hear back from Wood Green. 

    Natasha explained the pooch is hyper-attached to her, adding: “I can’t go anywhere without him following me.” 

    The dog is still “really nervous” out of the house and Natasha stressed how important it is to be patient with him. 

    She added: “It’s so nice that when my alarm goes off in the morning there is this really happy loving little thing that loves being around me. It’s just that unconditional love and this dog does not judge me, he doesn’t care. 

    “As long as I am there and I feed him and give him his cuddles he’s happy. He just gives you that reason to get up in the morning. 

    Published at Wed, 09 Feb 2022 18:50:47 +0000

    ‘Can’t go anywhere without him’ Dog owner details powerful bond with ‘broken’ rescue pup


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