COM3T: Inspiring Realness And Fun Through Cosmic Adventures

Photo Courtesy of DK Projects

Rising electronic star, COM3T is taking listeners on a journey through space with her debut EP THE COSMIC ADVENTURES OF COM3T. As a self-proclaimed sci-fi enthusiast, her music is heavily influenced by the endless possibilities and imaginative worlds that bass music offers. Her EP transports listeners to another dimension with its trippy and otherworldly soundscapes. 

THE COSMIC ADVENTURES OF COM3T showcases a fusion of heavy, dark bass music with intergalactic inspirations, highlighting her love for creativity and originality. As an artist who never fails to challenge the status quo, Dani Thorne, aka. COM3T offers a breath of fresh air, as the EP serves as a testament to her musical talent and ability to create vibrating music. 

Her dedication to presenting her most authentic self is refreshing and inspiring to all, and the EP certainly shows it. We had a lovely chat with COM3T herself as we talked about her sonic journey through the EP and how it plans to leave listeners inspired, energized, and ready to explore the cosmos! 

True Hollywood Talk: Can you walk us through your creative process for making the EP and how you approached creating the tracks and bringing your vision to life?

COM3T: The creative process for each track is different and inspiration comes from various sources. Generally, I begin by finding sounds and blending them together. Sometimes, I’ll start with a sci-fi theme, and that sparks an idea for a story. Other times, a sample like a vintage Betty Crocker ad can inspire an entire track! While I usually don’t sing on my tracks, I use my voice to create a story, once I have some ideas, I start putting them in an arrangement.

THT: Your music offers a unique style that blends elements of science fiction and electronic music! Can you describe how you developed this style?

COM3T: As a child, I was obsessed with science fiction, especially movies, and I would watch them with my Father. That sparked my fascination with the endless possibilities of space! Later, I fell in love with the EDM community and realized my dream of becoming a DJ. The Cosmic Adventures of COM3T is the most genuine expression of myself. It reflects my love of science fiction and my inner thoughts. Creating music that reflects who I am is an incredible feeling, and I believe being true to one’s self inspires others to do the same. This EP is a reflection of my positive energy and creativity, and I hope that inspires others to express themselves freely! 

THT: How do you think this theme resonates with your fans and listeners?

I think the theme of my music is more for entertainment purposes, like watching a film or something that is visually trippy. However, what is more, important to me is the connections that I make with fans online or in person. 

THT: What are your hopes for your listeners when they listen to the EP?

COM3T: Currently, I’m not making emotional music, I’m making music to take you out of reality for a few minutes. Maybe you are going through a breakup and need to dance, or stuck in traffic, or needing extra energy at the gym. I just want to take you off this planet and out of your problems for a bit. That’s what my music is for. 

THT: Can you tell us about any upcoming shows, collaborations, or projects you’re currently working on or planning in the future?

COM3T: I am back in my home studio making music and working with some amazing artists and friends. I am also working on fan experiences throughout the year to celebrate my first EP! Including doing a 40-winner giveaway over the four tracks. My last giveaway is a 20-minute private FaceTime. I am excited to get back on the road to test out this new music!!


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