How this San Francisco Bay Area Money Expert Went Against the Grain to Cure Financial Ignorance


There’s too much financial ignorance when you come to think about it. People don’t know how to save or properly leverage their money. The education system is to blame for this because they don’t teach about money, at least not the important things.  The financial industry is constantly evolving and many people are not aware of this reality.  Everything evolves including financial products and solutions. Many are grossly unaware that they are walking around with the equivalent of a flip phone product when it comes to the financial instruments in which they invest or park money.  Consequently there are people who’ve noticed this and decided to do something about it. Danny Singson is the perfect fit of the description of a finance expert disrupting the money industry.

The owner and partner at Xtreme1 Financial  developed a passion to cure  financial ignorance and empowers families after going through an unfortunate situation when he knew little about money. His focus is helping people to make the best decisions on how they make, save and plan for their future and retirement. After Singson set himself to learn about money he discovered a lot that nobody taught in school at any level. He applied these money skills himself and that led to the formation of his current business which is at its peak today. With his years of experience dealing with money he is the best bet for anyone looking to learn important money skills. What he offers no university professor will teach you. That has made him a sought after finance consultant and speaker. It was not always like this for the Xtreme1 Financial owner. He came from humble beginnings with a passion in his previous law enforcement career.

19 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

It might seem weird but Singson did not always aspire to be in the money business. As a boy,  his dream was to be a police officer. A dream that he pursued until he made sure he achieved it. By the time he was 20 years old he had already made it into law enforcement. He was among the youngest officers in the Millbrae Police Department, which later merged with the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.  Singson has demonstrated that he can achieve anything he sets his mind on. His journey in his career was always about his passion rather than the financial gain.

That was however about to change as he advanced in his career. He rose to the rank of sergeant and served as Deputy Sheriff for San Mateo County for four years. It was around this time that he tried to get into money and insurance on the side while still in the police force. After about 12 years of being a police officer made it start to feel like a long job. His time doing money and insurance showed Singson an opportunity to improve his own personal finance situation and learn more about money. Even after being involved in the money industry for a while, he had never got himself to leave his police career yet.

Retiring at 38

One day something happened that changed Singson’s entire view of life and finances. He visited his mid seventy year old mother one day and found she had lost about $200,000 in retirement savings. The most hurtful thing for the then police officer was that he could not help his only parent in her desperate situation. All he could do was hug and cry with his mother over the loss. He had already lost his father at 18 months so it was a big deal for him not being able to help his single mother.

After that experience Singson realized he was worth more than his paycheck. At almost two decades in law enforcement it was time. Singson took his 17 year early retirement to get into the money industry. He founded  Xtreme1 Financial and started educating people with what nobody else was teaching. The evolution of financial services and education became his passion.

Helping Others Achieve Financial Freedom

Xtreme1 Financial is now the number one authority in the San Francisco Bay Area when it comes to personal finance, retirement planning, savings and curing financial ignorance. His platform includes consultation on anything personal finance related. Everything to do with savings, retirement, investments, insurance, asset protection and living benefits. 

The one job and one stream of income is a thing of the past. Singson says that entrepreneurship is something everyone should consider to fix the pay check dilemma in middle America. More and more people are trying to achieve financial freedom by going for multiple sources of income as a solution. Part of being financially independent is knowing how to handle money and understanding how to properly leverage it.  Singson invites anyone to reach out to him since he can help you come up with a plan to suit your financial needs with real solutions and not temporary bandaids.


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