Renowned Speaker and CEO Joshua Evans is on a Mission to Revolutionize Organization Culture Across Industries

Joshua Evans

Having worked in the corporate world for more than ten years, Joshua knows more than most people that there is an urgent need to bridge the gap existing between employees and management. He says, “Many HR professionals do nothing but conduct surveys about employee engagement, company culture, and effective communication, and hope it gets better.” However, when we choose not to address these problems, they get worse and infect the rest of an organization’s culture. Joshua M. Evans is a leadership management trainer, a TEDx programmer, an international speaker and the leaders expert. He recommends that companies should adopt a dynamic, fun, and overall different HR experience that will motivate and engage members to think a little bit outside the typical HR status quo.  A committed husband and father of three, Joshua is also the CEO of Enthusiastic You LLC & Culture Consulting Associates, a company that helps people gain fulfillment, purpose and meaning in their work.

Why Joshua Created His Company

Joshua created Enthusiastic You LLC & Culture Consulting Associates with the aim of assisting companies in developing the right organizational culture while also equipping employees with the best resources to build the right attitude. “I observed how companies try to use internal resources to address these issues. Yet, even after the struggle, staff rarely respect new engagement initiatives when they are presented by a co-worker. Someone they know is not seen as an authority in this arena.” This observation became the launching pad for Joshua’s groundbreaking solution.

The Birth of a Lasting Solution

At Enthusiastic You LLC & Culture Consulting Associates, Joshua and the team bring the problem and its causes to light. Then they work with the entire team to help them shift their actions and attitudes in the workplace. As an outside resource, Joshua can provide new techniques and perspectives that will empower staff members with the tools to overcome these problems, because as he says, “Once everybody starts finding joy in their work, toxicity will begin to leave the workplace.”

Joshua believes that through his interventions, team members would no longer be dreading Mondays, or complaining about their work. They will have a clear understanding of how their role is essential to the success of the organization. In addition, they would know that their effort truly has an impact. The team would be better equipped to handle high-stress situations. This turn around would result in more positive attitudes, higher productivity, and lead to better service for everyone and their clients. “Work is something everyone should find purpose in. The results are a healthier and happier nation.”

At a Personal Level, Joshua is a Passionate Agent of Change

Joshua is a servant of the people. Having worked with more than 100 companies, he has gained vast experience that enables him to provide speeches and workshops to any company to help their staff care more about their organization and work harder. However, Joshua has a personal attachment to his vision, which he describes vividly, “I will be a happy individual, knowing that my work has impacted thousands of individuals in the world.” That is why the serial entrepreneur is focusing on employee engagement, company culture, reducing burnout, and effective communications in the workplace. He says that these sessions are a good fit for executives, management, mid and entry-level team members. Each engagement is tailored to the needs of the organization and can be an in-house presentation, multi-hour workshop, or off-site retreat.

In summation, Joshua is looking to work with people who are in charge of setting up company events, quarterly meetings, executive retreats, education sessions, and monthly luncheon education sessions, or persons who are in charge of choosing team development and education content. By working together with Joshua and the team at Enthusiastic You LLC & Culture Consulting Associates, you not only get to reduce staff & employee burnout in the workplace but also help to easily fix toxic workplace environments while eliminating complacency at the same place. If you’re looking for an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker for your next event, you should hire Joshua.


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