Dismantling the Five Typical Money Blocks Standing In Your Way to Financial Abundance

Divina Caballo sitting and holding a cup
Photo credit: Divina Caballo, with permission

Escaping a “financial rut” isn’t as black and white as setting up a business or getting a job and tada! The money starts rolling in. If it were that simple, then poverty wouldn’t exist. Especially for entrepreneurs, the bridge between the starting phase where all your funds are invested and the return phase where profits are expected relies on one major factor – the absence of obstacles. In other words, is your growth trajectory free from money blocks?

Money blocks are negative limiting beliefs and mindsets that are standing in your way of achieving your financial goals. Our mental inclinations can affect every area of our lives and your finances take a top rank on that list. Your financial goals could be paying off your mortgage, getting out of debt, living a comfortable life, or enjoying top-tier luxury. You may have these goals laid out perfectly, along with the steps to achieve them, but somehow, your mind conjures up obstacles that end up standing in your way.

According to Dominican and English-born business success and law of attraction coach, Divina Caballo, money blocks aren’t triggered only by negative thoughts plaguing your conscious mind.

“A lot of people aren’t manifesting completely because they aren’t necessarily activating the super-conscious, creative genius, and it’s a huge component in business,” says Caballo, founder, and CEO of I AM FreeSpirit Academy, an online coaching/healing institution that guides spiritual entrepreneurs to holistic success. “And when you don’t activate the super-conscious all-knowing mind that guides your business and life to the next level, you’re limiting yourself. You’re blocked off and now prevented from receiving the fullness of your talents.”

Money blocks are extremely frustrating and can quickly become debilitating. Below are some of the typical ones and how to crush through them for financial progress.

“I can’t figure out what I want”

Lacking clarity and working without a direction often ends in wasted investments, lost time, zero profits, and all-round dissatisfaction. You can’t just start a business because other people are going down the same path and it’s been working out for them. You’d eventually run out of that initial faux energy that creates a big picture in the clouds.

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To get out of this mess, you need to zero in on your passions and focus on something solid like activating the superconscious creative genius that will guide you to what you really want and your life purpose. As an entrepreneur, a business plan is incomplete without a preliminary personal plan, a concrete layout of your options, targets, goals, and possible outcomes of your decisions. What’s going to be best for you and your family in the next five to ten years? What exactly do you want out of this business path you’re about to undertake? Answers to these questions should shed some light on your path and create a way around this block.

“I’m conscious about my money mindset. Why am I still stuck?”

Conscious? Just conscious? Most people don’t get it, but financial breakthroughs transcend through the three states of consciousness: the superconscious, subconscious, and conscious minds. You can’t only work on your emotions when you’re awake and aware and leave the other states unattended. They may not seem like much in light of your financial travails, but they make a world of difference especially for a person looking to tap into wells of creativity. Your subconscious keeps you aware of things that your regular thought process may skip, and with the superconscious, your abilities enter a very useful hyper-drive mode.

To dismantle this block, Caballo suggests an intensive reprogramming process where entrepreneurs learn to manifest and control their grasps of other mental states. Caballo’s runs several programs that help businesspersons to harness every aspect of their mind’s potentials and maximize their creative efforts.

“If you want to grow your business and life, change your mindset on all three levels: super-conscious, subconscious, and conscious mind,” says Caballo. “Most people are not focused on that, but it’s the answer to unlocking the ultimate best version of your business. We need to work on what’s blocking our mindset before we can effectively take action without our negative resistance pulling us back. You can give any stuck business owner a proven solution, but if their belief systems in the subconscious don’t work, they resist the tactic. If their super-conscious genius is blocked, they will not be guided properly to the abundant divine talented life purpose and the outcome they deserve.”

“Maybe I’m just not good enough”

Divina Caballo looking at herself in the mirror
Photo credit: Divina Caballo, with permission

Second-guessing yourself is the start of a long and lonely walk down the rabbit hole of low self-esteem. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, and even the latter can be improved upon if you really set your mind to it. The real problem emerges when you’ve identified your strengths and still find a way to doubt yourself and question your creativity. You might not be perfect at first, but growth is directly proportional to practice.

Overcoming second-guessing involves a reevaluation of your self-impression. Speak good things to yourself and encourage your own efforts. “Even I fail, it doesn’t mean I won’t get it right”. “I can do this, I will try, and I will keep trying until I succeed”. You must learn to shove out negative thoughts before they take roots by filling yourself with positivity.

“I don’t know how to be organized”

Dead that narrative.

You cannot stay ahead of your finances if you never check your money mails, bank statements, track your bills, receipts, debits, credits, and every salient detail concerning your budget. Especially when you’ve found yourself facing a money stonewall, you need to double down and get serious with tracking your funds.

Yes, you can be meticulous. For the sake of improving your financial situation, you have to be extra-mindful of your funds. You don’t need formal ledgers or overdramatic methods, but simple actions such as logging your spending, perusing your bank statements, and sticking to a budget can be all the effort you’d need.

“Maybe this is the much I could ever make”

Low expectations, zero motivation, and a fear of stepping out of your comfort zone are the misgivings caused by strong negativities in the subconscious and super-conscious mind. You’ve somehow convinced yourself beyond your conscious state to accept that perhaps, you’re destined to be poor. This will affect your financial decisions and impede your creativity, limit your drive and make it impossible to entertain bold thoughts about money.

“To truly manifest the most advanced level of abundance, you must clear ALL of the hundreds of subconscious negative beliefs and activate the superconscious creative genius,” says Caballo. “This is because manifestation comes with no resistance. Most people don’t know we have thousands of negative beliefs holding us back, which is why it seems so unattainable, we have tried everything it seems, except for really diving in and unblocking the hundreds and or thousands of beliefs and negative energy blocks that are holding us back.”


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